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Friday, October 19, 2007

Answering Questions

Q-How do you store your stamps?

A-All my stamps are UM and I love storing them in CD cases. I have found K-Mart to be the most inexpensive place to buy the standard (not slim) jewel cases. I then store the cases in a set of 2 CD bookcase like things. I do have my eye on an antique looking set of drawers that look like the old library card drawers and would be the perfect size. Have to figure out if it would even fit in the space.

Q-Where do you get those awesome Paper Bag cards? I cannot find them online at all!

A-They are from World Win Papers and the customer service person is going to get back to me so I can post on my blog when she figures out the place we should order this brand new product from. I have 3 packages on the way from her, so watch for some Thanksgiving and Christmas cards done in this style.

Q-Is your job full time? You seem to have so much time to stamp?

A-My job is full time and very stressful. I need lots of therapy, LOL! Stamping is my therapy! I also have a great family who do lots around the house, leaving me with a bit more free time. Also, as I have gotten older I have learned that the dust will always be there and finding joy in life is just so much more valuable.

Q-Did you get the new Paper Trey Sets?

A-Not this time. I had other things quite similar, particularly a lot of snowflakes. I do have my eye on the Kitchen Sink flower stamps though. Christmas is coming!

Q-What is your most recent purchase?

A-I am expecting several Palette Hybrid ink cubes any day and have 4 of the new Cuttlebug embossing folders pre-ordered.

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