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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Blogger is still down and I have so many pictures to upload!! Frustrating. In the meantime, how about finding out just how addicted to stamping you are by taking my little quiz! Give yourself one point for every yes and you can score it at the end. If there are terms you don't know then give yourself a 0 for that question.

1-I own 5 different brands of punches.

2-All my ribbon tied together would reach from my stamp room to my mail box or beyond.

3-I have at least 10 shades of green ink.

4-I know at least 3 ways to make my images look grounded.

5-I have at least one stamp in my collection that is a vehicle without wheels.

6-I have at least one stamp that has an image of some sort of antique.

7-In my stamp room is a needle, a bottle cap, and a piece of fabric (remember Let's Make a Deal when Bob wanted to see what was in your purse?).

8-I use some form of make-up in my stamping now and then.

9-I know at least 3 ways to make paper glittery.

10-I have shaving cream, rubbing alcohol, and bleach in my stamping supplies.

11- I have at least 5 kinds of adhesive.

12-In my stamp collection I have all three: an eagle, an owl, a hummingbird.

13-I have at least 15 kinds of flower stamps (tulips, roses, etc.)

14-I have more designer/decorate paper than I could use to make 200 cards.

15-I have at least 8 colors of silk/fabric flowers.

16-I have embossing powder that is at least 5 years old.

17-I have used an iron in my stamping more than once.

18-I have 10 or more background stamps.

19-My stamp collection includes a jar, a telephone and a typewriter/computer stamp (all 3 for the point!).

20-I have 3 or more pair of straight edged scissors or cutting tools.

21-I have at least 6 shades of blue cardstock.

22-I know 3 ways to attach a ribbon to a card.

23-I use transparencies in my stamping.

24-I know how to paint with reinkers.

25-I have at least one card in my stamp room that has 8 layers on it.

26-I have done paper piecing or paper applique before.

27-I have made a card with at least one element that uses origami.

28-I know how to resist emboss.

29-I store my markers horizontally.

30-I have at least one stamp or stamp set that is about chocolate.


28-30 We will have to bury you with your stamps when you die. You need inpatient treatment.

23-27 Yep, you are addicted, Without an intervention soon, you will quickly reach the level above this one.

18-22 Come on, you can do better. Take a few weeks off work and stamp!!!

17 and UNDER There is still hope for you. Spend a bit more time reading blogs and shopping in stamp stores and you will make progress.

1 comment:

Trish D said...

Thanks for the laugh! I now have empirical evidence that I am hopelessly addicted :)