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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Papertrey Masculine Card

The Pond Life PTI set worked so well with the striped Memory Box cardstock behind. The brown is actually some old packing paper that came in a package years ago that I have hoarded. It has a really nice texture. The brown symbol is a TAC (The Angel Company) stamp I got a couple of years back on a free with order type of special.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For Sale--Coluzzle Cutting Set

Set includes cutting handle and 3 blades (2 new and still in packaging), cutting mat, large circles, small circles, large ovals, small ovals, rectangles, and large heart puzzle template. I also have original package directions. All in good condition. $18.50 plus $3.50 shipping. Email me at rubyslippers@neofast.net

You Are A Classic

This is one of the few masculine cards that I make that I am happy with. I do not know the source of the stamps. The car is embossed in black on thin copper sheeting that was then cut with edger scissors. The "mesh" is really scrap window screen--the flexible plastic kind.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Hydrangea Bouquet

I love using the Kitchen Sink 4 step hydrangea set. It is my favorite KS set so far.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Whoot--CHF Owls

I love Kim Hughes' owl set over at CHF. I made this card for my son's friend's birthday and we added a birthday greeting to the bottom of it. The background leaves are from SU Best Blossoms done in PTI Aqua Mist and Colorbox Chalk Dark Brown. I got the idea for the colors and the stripes (Hero Arts stripe stamp) from an ad for Martha Stewart bedding in a magazine.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Out on a Limb

Designer Paper by Memory Box. Limb by Papertrey. Bird source unknown. The flourish is by Hero Arts and is called Leaf Flourish.

RAK from SusanK

This soft and pretty card is from Susan K over at the GW board. I believe the stamps are Hero Arts. I love the blue shadow behind the flower and the colors she chose.

Health Update

Scroll on by if you only want stamping here, but I have readers asking for an update. Good news--all blood work came back fine. The general test for auto-immune diseases came back negative. That is very good because it was mildly positive several years ago. That it has gone down is a very good sign, even though this test only shows up 70% of those with AI disorders. So while I am not totally out of the woods, this combined with several other things is looking positive. My dry mouth seems to be connected to my acid reflux. That was a symptom that was leading us to Sjogren's Syndrome. Now that it has been established as a direct connection to the reflux it lessens as an indicator of auto-immune. The punctal plugs I had put in my tear ducts over a week ago have helped so very much. I am at least 50% more comfortable on the bad days and about 80% more comfortable on the good days. All in all, that situation is now tolerable. Along with the testing there was a slight concern for diabetes. I was a gestational diabetic and both my parents were diabetics as well as several grandparents and great grandparents and a sister with insulin resistance. We ran tests for that and I came out exactly where I should be. I have permission to return to work on Monday which makes me very, very happy. I went down yesterday to set up some lesson plans and I was so happy to see my kids so excited that our regular routine will resume on Monday. I have all kinds of tricks up my sleeve so I don't strain my voice, including a microphone on a karaoke machine until the real sound system arrives. I am going to make it a game for them to help me use my voice as little as possible with rewards for them for helping me accomplish that. When I make things into a game they are far more cooperative with remembering. Although I got lots of rest, stamping, and some reading done, I very much want to get back to my normal routine, even if I do have to take it easy for awhile. I have at least a month of speech therapy ahead to help me conserve my voice until the underlying condition is more under control. Thansk for all your well wishes, cards, and even gifts. It has given me encouragement.

RAK from Nise

Isn't this card just fabulous? Nise at GW sent this to me. Yes, it is as big as it appears. It came in a huge decorated envelope. She did the vase with a crystal effects type of product. It is sitting on my desk in the family room and visitors oooh and ah over it. She also took the quote from my email signature and did it in gorgeous calligraphy. It was removable so I took it out and it hangs on a picture frame in my craft room. It says "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain."

Friday, April 25, 2008

Inching Along, PTI Turtle in Layers

I had almost used up my first packet of 6 x 6 PTI Designer Papers but cannot bear to throw out any scraps. I love this paper. After stamping the turtle and while the Crystal Effects on the spots were drying, I was looking for a background. Seeing these scraps gave me an idea to use them up by layering the strips. What do you think?

Butterflies from Mary R

I love this card from Mary R. She use an aqua stardream as her underlayer showing through the white punched layer. I am not sure what punch or cutting system she used, but this is just stunning. Mary, you live only 150 miles from the place I grew up in!! Thanks for thinking of me.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gorgeous RAK from Kathy R

Isn't this just beautiful? Kathy R from GW board fame sent this to me. I love the colors she used and even the envelope was handmade. I have to learn to do these scallop punch flowers!

RAK from Lana S.

Lana, known as Catscrappin at GW sent me this truly gorgeous card. She cuttlebugged textured blue paper. The watercolored flowers are highlighed with bits of opalescent glitter. You really cannot appreciate this card fully via the photo.

RAK from Diane N.

Don't you just love this sweet littel bird? This was a RAK from Diane N. who is a friend at Gingerwood. I love how she did a sky background and made the bird from textured paper.

Little Purses

These are so much fun to make. There is a Hershey's Nugget inside each one. Click the title of this post and it will take you to a post with more information and a link to directions.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crafty Secrets Ladies

I love these ladies. I did the skin with my lone Copic marker purchased just for skin!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

KS Hydrangea in PTI colors

Main image and sentiment from KS. I did the hydrangea with PTI Sweet Blush tapped off once for the first layer and full strength the second layer. The card stock is all PTI, as is the ribbon. The background white leaves are from SU Best Blossoms retired set.
I used Nesties for the oval layers.


Blogger won't let me upload this AM, but I have a Kitchen Sink Hydrangea card ready to upload when the stars align, or whatever it takes to get Blogger working.

Monday, April 21, 2008

RAK from Trish D

What a wonderful surprise arrived in my mail today. Trish is a GW and blogger friend for years. She has a reputation of being a real sweetheart. She sent me this wonderful card and all these special goodies to cheer me up along with her get well wishes. Thanks so much, Trish, it really did brighten my day. LOVE that blue ribbon and have very little in that shade that I have been hoarding. If you would like to visit Trish's blog, just click the link of this post and it will take you right there. She is on my favorites and on my Google Reader!!

Health Update

Progess is continuing. I am still having bouts of hoarseness but less frequently and less severely. First batch of blood work is in and it looks very good except for one test I am having re-done tomorrow. There is a logical explanation for that result, but we want to make sure it was just a fluke. I have tentative permission to go to work next Monday if progress continues and based on my Friday appt.

Handy Ribbon Storage

This is how I hang my most used ribbons. I have plenty more in containers, but these are the colors that I use the most. Directions for making these FREE little holders in the next post.

Ribbon Holders--free!

This is how I make the ribbon holders as seen in the photo with the ribbon above this photo. I use the SU designer punch (did one in paper so you can see) and a hole punch. I use the clear plastic packaging that so many things come in these days. I have more of it than I can ever use from computer cartridge, cuttlebug folders packaging, etc. This is the stuff that we curse when we cannot get the items out of the package without cutting the package apart. The rings are 6 for 88 cents at Walmart. I used an old spring loaded curtain rod to hold everything.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cards Inside Tin from Post Below

Note Tin

These are the Specialty Bottle tins some of us used for nuggets with Avery Labels. I made 4 little note cards, each in a different color with a different quote, 4 little matching envelopes all tied up with a piece of ribbon. Then I slid in a little pen from Staples (24 for $5!) and now I have some cute little gifts to give.

Graduation with the CHF Owl

I really love this owl set by Kim Hughes at CHF. It really brings out the creativity in me and it is just such a fun set to work with.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

April Showers, May Flowers

This was a fun card to do. I love the PTI papers and ribbons and ink. The boots and stems are from an old SU set. Centers of flowers are done with Liquid Pearls. The pretties on the side are Robin's Nest Dew Drops. I used my nesties for the rectangle.

Friday, April 18, 2008


A full day without hoarsness. I have spoken very little and it is working! I feel better and am sleeping better too. I also got 3 month collagen plugs inserted in my tear ducts today. When they dissolve I can decide if I want permanent ones for the dry eye or not. Easy procedure and I feel better already. One eye feels normal and the worst one feels 50% better. Light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in 4 months!! Bloodwork comes back next week.

Sweet Card from Pam R.

I love this little lavender floral card made by a GW friend, Pam R. The die cut flowers on the outside are repeated on the inside. I love how she folded back the designer cardstock for contrast. Very pretty and feminine card! Thanks, Pam.

RAK from Renee

Another GW friend, Renee, sent this beautiful card. It has such gorgeous spring colors. I love the ribbon and the layout. Thanks, Renee, it is going on the top of my desk for my stamping friends to see.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tool Review

Yes, I know it has been a long time since I have answered readers' questions and I really do have them and will take care of that soon. I am going to answer a recent one asking me to rate the tools I use. So here goes:

ATG Gun: It is my absolute favorite tool. Easy to use and saves me loads of money. This glue tape runner is wonderful and the adhesive sticks like nothing else.

Cropadile: I got mine half price and played with it a bit. I could live without it though. Nice for punching holes in metal and for embossing dots once you figure out the pressure--that was really frustrating. Wouldn't buy another.

Nestablilities: I really do love them. I have ovals, circles, and rectangles full sets. I never got the square ones as I never found a time when I needed them. I really do use them for cutting lots and dry embossing some.

Cricut: I just got this gift last week. I have only played with it a little. The verdict is still out for me, but I think my students will enjoy the products you can make.

Cuttlebug: If mine fell apart tomorrow, I would go right out and buy another right away. It ties with my ATG gun for sure.

Fiskars Rotary Cutter: Mine is at least 10 years old and I love it. I have not found another cutter I like nearly as well.

Memory Slot Punch Tool set: Love this. I love being able to punch in the middle of something.

Thanks, Kate D!!

This gorgeous, really gorgeous punch-in hyacinth was sent to me by a GW board friend, Kate D. This card is a masterpiece and I will be keeping it forever. The picture does not do justice to the depth and dimension and the hint of glitter just make it sparkle. Kate had this one down to the details from the matching layers on the outside, the inside, and even on the hand decorated envelope. I love it, Kate!

Who Thanks You?

My dear friend Heather knows how difficult eliminating chocolate from my life will be. She showed up last night with Carob Chip cookies. What a treat for a woman going through withdrawal. I honestly did not think about them being carob instead of chocolate at all.

I made this card to mail to her. The branch, owl, and sentiment are from CHF. I masked the "loves" from the center of the sentiment and replaced it with "thanks" and inside it says "I do!" The brown houndstooth tree trunk is from SU. Paper is SU Cool Carribean and Taken with Teal--one of my very favorite combos.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RAK from Tara

I met Tara last summer when I was visiting my sister. We even got to stamp together. She sent me this a few days ago. I love the coloring and the glitter highlights. Tara loves glitter too!

Sympathy Roses

These are the Kitchen Sink roses that I love so much. The sentiment is also from that set. The background is SU Linen. I also used a very fine glitter pen on the roses here and there. I love the velvet ribbon with the roses.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Update on my Health

I got in to the ENT today and had the laryngoscopy done in the office. It was actually quite interesting to watch on the camera once I got over the tube going through my nose and down into my throat. Verdict is that he thinks I could have mild case of Sjogren's based on symptoms but that is not what is causing my hoarseness. He believes it is the combo of teaching 10 years year round, dry air conditions at work and everywhere, acid reflux, and who knows what all. I am on voice rest for at least 2 weeks, speech therapy during that time, very aggressive acid reflux treatment, and I have to have a microphone system in place before I go back to work. I am headed for blood work now to test for the auto-immune stuff and I have an appt. for Seattle in May about that. Good news is he thinks if I have it I have a very mild case I may have had for some time. For some people it never gets much worse and you learn to cope.

I see him again April 25 and he feels there is a good chance I will have responded. If not we go to Plan B, and I am not sure what that is.

Thanks for all the concern and prayers. Everyone has been wonderful.

Oh, yes, chocolate has been banned from my life!! Seriously, that is going to be rough.

Papertrey Card

I used all Papertrey materials and inks on this card except for the light green. I love these new colors and stamps!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ribbon Inventory Book

Click on the title of this post and it will take you to an idea that is wonderful. I have sooo much ribbon and cannot remember where I bought it to restock as needed. This would have solved the problem. It would be a big job now, but I think I should attempt it.

Copyright Law Changes?

This was sent by a friend and may be of interest to you:

There is currently a bill coming before the house and senate which would end passive protection for all copyrighted works: Photographs, Sketches, Poems, Short Stories... everything would have to be "registered" in order to be protected. If you don't register every article, photo, word or image you create it will be deemed an "orphaned work" and public domain.

If you value your work and expect the protection which has been an internationally accepted and protected right--contact your representatives.

"Promoting" Orphan Works

by The Board of the Illustrators' Partnership

March 14, 2008

Yesterday the House subcommittee on Intellectual Property held their first hearing on new Orphan Works legislation. Note the title:

"Hearing on Promoting the Use of Orphan Works: Balancing the Interests of Copyright Owners and Users"

Balance, however doesn't seem to be part of the Orphan Works juggernaut. Indeed, after this hearing, we can no longer assume that the U.S. Copyright Office is an advocate for the protection of creators' rights. As they wrote on page 14 of their original Orphan Works Report:

"If our recommendation resolves users' concerns in a satisfactory way, it will likely be a comprehensive solution to the orphan works situation." (our emphasis)

But how can any copyright law be "comprehensive" if it makes millions of copyrights, no matter how valuable, available to users, no matter how worthy, under a system that would introduce permanent uncertainty into the business lives of creators?

Private Sector Registries
Since the last bill died in committee in 2006, the advocates of this legislation have promoted the creation of private commercial registries. On January 29, 2007, a lead attorney for the Copyright Office warned us that under their plan any work not registered with a private sector registry would be a potential orphan from the moment it was created.

This means you would not only have to register your published work, but also:

— Every sketch or note on every page of every sketchbook;
— Every sketch you send to every client;
— Every photograph you take anywhere, anytime, including family photos, home videos, etc.;
— Every letter, email, etc., professional, personal or private.

This Would End Passive Copyright Protection: Under existing law the total creative output of any "creator" receives passive copyright protection from the moment you create it. This covers everything from the published work of professional artists to the unpublished diaries, letters and family photos of the average citizen.

But under the Orphan Works proposal, none of this material would be covered unless the creator took active steps to register and maintain coverage with a commercial registry. Failure to do so would "signal" to infringers that you have no interest in protecting the work.

The Registration Paradox:
By conceding that their proposals would make potential orphans of any unregistered works, the Copyright Office proposals would lead to a registration paradox: In order to "protect" work from exposure to infringement, creators would have to expose it on a publicly searchable registry. This would:

— Expose creative work to plagiarists and derivative abusers;
— Expose trade secrets and unused sketches to competitors;
— Expose unpublished and private correspondence to the public on the Orwellian premise that you must expose it to "protect" it.

Yet registries will not be able to monitor infringements nor enforce copyright compliance. Even after you've shelled out "protection money" to a commercial registry to register hundreds of thousands of works, you still won't be protected. A registry would do nothing more than give you a piece of paper. You would still have to monitor infringements - which can occur anytime anywhere in the world; then embark on an uncertain quest to find the infringer, file a case in Federal court, then prove that the infringer has removed your name or other identifying information from your work. Meanwhile all the infringer will have to do is say there was no such information on the work when he found it and assert an orphan works defense. This will be the end result of trying to "resolve the users' concerns" at the expense of time-tested copyright law.

Coerced registration violates the spirit and letter of international copyright law and copyright-related treaties. And because this bill would effectively eliminate the passive copyright protection afforded personal correspondence, family photos, etc. it would tear one more slender thread of privacy protection from the fabric of fundamental rights we currently take for granted.

We urge Congress to carefully reconsider the unintended consequences of this radical copyright proposal.

— Brad Holland and Cynthia Turner, for the Board of the Illustrators' Partnership

Second Article:

Pattern of Friendship

This is one retired SU set I will never part with. I would say it is in my top 5 favorites of all the sets I own.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bleach Stamping

It has been a long time since I have done this, but we did it at one of our 10 Clubs. All stamps are SU.

Heart Tin

Another little tin done with the EZ Rub-Ons that I bought at Craft Warehouse.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Way to Decorate Tins

I buy these tins and others from Specialty Bottle in Seattle. I decorated this one with an EZ Rub-On. Takes a bit of work to get it to stick well, but I like the result when finished. These are cute with candies or note cards in them.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I Miss Cool Carribbean!

This lovely card was made by my friend Heather using SU stamps and supplies. I sure do miss Cool Carribbean!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Health Situation

Good news. I can stamp my heart out because:

As some of you know, I have been struggling since Christmas with my eyes beginning with a bout of pink eye followed by other eye problems. About 7 weeks ago I started having bouts of mild to severe hoarseness. The eyes got better and are worse again now. I developed dry mouth and a salivary gland problem during this time period. I possibly have Sjogren's Syndrome, an autoimmune disease---not the worst one to have, but certainly very uncomfortable for eyes, mouth, and breathing passages. It is treatable but not curable. Dr. feels we need to rule out some other things first, and since my situation in the last 12 hours has become more urgent we will be moving on that soon.

This morning I had a bout of being unable to breath at all for a few very panicky seconds (not sure how long), it happened again at school but not as severely--just split second, and providentially it happened in his office when I tried to swallow a pill. He said that my airway and esophagus are so irritated that my epliglottis goes into spasm and shuts me down completely. Best case scenerio is what happened today, that it stops on it's own. Sometimes a person passes out and it stops. It is very remotely possible that even passing out won't release the spasm and we do not want to risk that as you can probably figure out where that would lead.. Not likely though, not to worry. I will be seeing an ENT ASAP (hopefully within a few days as they promised I would get the next cancellation they have). They will be putting me under to look at vocal cords and other areas to see if my acid reflux has burned me, if there are tumors or nodules, etc. If they find nothing, I will be going to Seattle to Virginia Mason to begin trying to rule out/in autoimmune diseases.

As it stands he has put me on medical leave from work until he agrees I can go back. He said that much talking, voice raising, etc. will only increase the risks. I am not allowed to whisper at all. Basically I can talk very quietly at my discretion, when my vocal cords feel relaxed, but only very softly and only when I feel all the signs are right so that I can proceed without spasm. He also said I need much rest and only to do what I feel up to doing each day. This means I am on medical leave from work as long as needed to get this all diagnosed and under control as far as the throat/hoarseness goes.

I will be fine-stamping, reading, sleeping, and taking a much needed rest.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Double Background

I love the double background. I really like using Canvas as one and a masked off Floral as the other. All stamps by SU. The center image is a masked section of floral.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

2-Step Stamp Sets For Sale

I am selling a few of my DD 2 step SU stamp sets. They have been unmounted and are on cling. $16 each plus $2 shipping, insurance optional.

Terrific Tulips.

Buy all 3 sets for $45 and get free shipping too. Insurance optional.
email me at rubyslippers@neofast.net if interested.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Heart Trio

White script is done with white embossing powder. Hearts are punched out. Ribbon is from Walmart.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Does Yet-To-Be-Released Set Look Familiar?

Click on the title of this post to see SU's new Owl set (scroll down to picture #5). Does it look suspiciously like the Cornish Heritage Kim Hugh's UR A Hoot set? I was really surprised to see such an obvious similarlity between a number of the stamps in the SU set. I noticed because I just ordered Kim's set today. Hmmmm!

10 Club Card

Saturday, April 5, 2008

PTI Meets smARTworks

Birds and sentiment by smARTworks. Little flower and all colored papers from Papertrey Ink.

Waxy Cuttlebug is the RAGE!

Run a piece of wax paper through your CB inside a CB embossing folder.

Stamp your chosen images in black stazon on glossy cardstock.

Then make a stack (after the stazon has dried) of from the bottom up: a piece of computer paper, your cardstock layer with the images on it, the wax paper, another piece of computer paper and then hold your hot iron on top of that sandwich.

The cardstock will now have a wax imprint in the design on your CB folder. Sponge across it with various inks and VOILA!

I will post some examples when I find my camera (or the person who I think has it, LOL!).

Making a Child's Get Well Nugget Tin?

Decorative children's Band-aids are adorable to use on a couple of the nuggets instead of the labels for a child with an "owie". The tiny ones are a cute way to add a tag to the top of the tin, also.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Nestabilities Idea

I sure wish all the Nestabliities were numbered so that when people share projects they could say they used Oval #3 or whatever. It is sometimes difficult to figure out what Nesties were used in which order.

Linda's Clear Stamp Tips

Click on the title of this post and it will take you to some great tips using clear stamps. I thought the bendy stamp part was genius and cannot believe it never occurred to me!

Baby Card

This card was done using Nestabilities to make the layered shapes.
Stamps: Papertrey
Ribbon: from All That Scraps
DP: Memory Box

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Curious George

These are really old stamps, but I needed a child's card and this is the result. I love Curious George! Maybe this is why I love teaching "naughty little monkeys" so much at my job. I like spunky people!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Birthday Card for a 50's Girl

I think some of the stamps are from Just For Fun, but not sure about the others. I used Stickles for the glitter around the jukebox and I used silver gift wrap for the layer on top of the black.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Frustrated with Incorrect Sentiments

Anyone else feeling frustrated to receive stamps only to discover they are missing punctuation or spelled incorrectly? Sitting before me I have the following stamps: "Your a Great Friend", "May All Your Weed's Be Wildflowers", and "Wishing You Alot of Fun on Your Birthday". Then I noticed just tonight, that the new MFT sentiment says "Lets Dish Some Dirt". I can easily write in the apostrophe, but it bothers me it is not there. On the first example I gave, I just will cut off the first 2 words. On the second I will use the exacto to remove the apostrophe. On the third I am not sure what to do with "alot" to make it "a lot". I am quite capable of typos and making mistakes in daily life, but you would think before something is sent to a manufacturer that they would do some proofreading.