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My Attempt--Glitz Glitter Gel

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Toby Update

Hey, there! It is Toby here. We are officially on spring break. The lawn is getting green fast and starting to grow. Mom has mixed feelings about that. In one week the iris have grown about 4-5 inches. I like to wake mom up between 6:30 and 7:15 to go outside. She would rather sleep a little later on non-work days, but oh well, I have her on a great and regular sleeping schedule. I demand to be in bed by 10:30 and she must be with me. We get up in the morning and go outside, waking mom up thoroughly. I have a little breakfast, play a lot, and then around 9 I like to rest and nap a bit now that it is too late for Mom to go back to bed. I am getting much better at coming when called. Several times a day we go out in the yard for 5-10 minutes and I stay within reasonable distance of where I am supposed to be. When I am taken to my potty area I always immediately scamper to the door to go in the house when I am done. Admittedly it might not be a straight line to the house, but I am pretty fast to get there. Mom has foiled my attempts to be in places in the house where I get into trouble. She found some 18 inch gates for $20 each and they even have a doggie hatch on them if she wants me to come at go at certain times and not others. They are metal so I cannot chew through, narrow enough bars so I cannot get stuck, and tall enough that I cannot get over them and they can even be raised a couple inches later if needed. Very easy for Mom to step over so she doesn't kill herself during the night. Takes her awhile to figure out that I can chew through wood, wiggle around things that are not heavy enough to block me, and I can get a running jump and get over things that may look too tall for me to manage. I think she is getting smarter. She has learned all sorts of things and I find myself obeying and doing things I had not planned on. She says it is kind of like teaching in that you have to stay 2 steps ahead. Despite putting a bit of a crimp in my plans, I have found other ways to have fun. I now put my toys in a little box when I bring them back while playing catch. This keeps the balls from rolling under the sofa and for some reason makes Mom really happy that I have this new skill. She has noticed in the last few days that I have lost many baby teeth and the adult ones are partially up now. I am chewing a bit less most of the time now. She bought Kong spray treat which is like Cheese Whiz in a can flavored for dogs. She puts it inside of my toys and makes me work for it. Today she is going to try to cut my nails herself. She used to do Sami's all the time, but I am such a wiggler and loudly object despite her trying several ways to get me used to it. She does not want to pay $10 every 2 weeks to take me in to have it done in addition to my monthly $50 grooming. I might even get a shower today, which I am losing my fondness for. She has discovered that I like being read to and will settle down on her lap in the evenings if she reads her book to me. I think she feels a little stupid doing it, but I really do like it. I also like watching TV a little bit now. As long as she remembers to take me out every 3 hours I almost always potty outside now. If she forgets, I will still use the one remaining potty pad she has in the house for me, but it is rare now. I have a great fondness for teething on thick, sturdy combs. Mom bought a few packages of them at the dollar store and a new, big fat comb with a handle, will keep me busy for awhile gnawing away. She has hidden the small deer antler she got at the pet store because I want to bury it in the sofa cushions and then dig and dig for it. So far her good quality leather is holding up to that, but she is worried that it can only take so much. Foiled again! In exchange we play fetch for 20 minutes at a time at least 4 times a day, keeping her tendonitis in her shoulder sore. She wishes she had another way to do this, but it is my very most favorite game and she has to give me a treat at the end of the 20 minutes to distract me and then hide the balls or I sit and whimper for them. Yes, I am spoiled. I will be 5 months old next Tuesday. I wonder if I will be getting presents and dessert?

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Caught a Butterfly!

A Note from Toby

Hi, it's me, Toby. Mom says I have made huge developmental advances in the last week. Whatever that means, she thinks it is good. I play a lot on my own now and don't need constant interaction. I can go in another room and not panic and actually play for half an hour. If I get too quiet she checks on me and so far she has not been unhappy with what I have been doing except for once when I got too busy to make it to the potty pad. I have gotten enough taller and stronger that a few things got put out of my reach. I am sure going to miss that cord from the lamp and the stool she put downstairs because I chewed up the edge. She actually was pretty ok about it as none of it was irreparable or expensive and she knows I have trouble with self-control. I got my last set of the series of shots and will get the first rabies next month. They are going to delay my surgery (surgery??) for another month because I still don't have my adult teeth and that seems to be how they decide. As for development I can now come when called, bring things, drop things, leave things--most of the time. She has figured out that I will do almost anything for a Cheerio!
I have pretty much stopped begging for her food--but that was her fault I ever got started. I am barking much less. At work she has a can with beans in it and she shakes it if I continue barking after the initial greeting of people. I hate the sound of that thing and now if she even picks it up I just shut up. I completely understand "night night" and when I get in bed with her and she says that, I know I have to lie down and be still and get right to sleep. Mom slipped on the ice and while she didn't fall she twisted and has had a sore back for over a week. It is getting better, but it has limited her willingness to pick up toys all over the house or lean down to play fetch. She has been working on a couple of organizational projects and I have let her get a surprising amount done. She had a "down" day yesterday, so we snuggled a lot and I like that. Today I have puppy class. 2 more and then I graduate to intermediate level. I refuse to wear a cap and gown. I got a new coat because I totally outgrew my red and black checked sweater. She got the new one really big so it will still work next winter, but she has figured out how to make it fit for now. I will have her post a photo of me wearing it when I sit still long enough. Tomorrow I go to the groomer. She has been delaying a haircut because of the cold, but it has all just gotten out of control and so I will see Janae for the morning tomorrow. That coat will come in handy after that. The only thing we have not made much progress on is brushing my teeth. I clamp my mouth shut and that is that. Mom is so, so anxious for the weather to break so we can go for walks and so we can reduce the use of the indoor potty pads. She uses washable cloth ones because I tear the disposables to shreds in minutes. I just cannot figure out why she cares about a used Kleenex or a paper towel. Not like she is going to use it again, but she still doesn't want me to have it.