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Sunday, March 30, 2014

What I Love About Facebook and the Things I Wish Would Go Away

1-I hate how just when you figure it out, they change it.

2-I love the political, religious, and activism discussions so much!

3-I hate the vague, cryptic remarks made to try to get you to pry things out of people, like "Feeling hurt, just saying", or "I have a secret!"

4-I love all the baby and pet pictures. I love the baby and pet videos. Love your personal photos, stories about your travel, pictures of your home, your new boots, and your manicure!

5-I hate it when "friends" spend most of their posts trying to sell me or get me to sell for you is not cool. Just sayin' :)

6-Posting cries for help without being willing to let people help you. Don't post suicidal posts unless you are willing for people to call Crisis Response for you. Don't post that you just overdosed on something unless you want 911 called. Don't post that you think you smell gas in your home unless you expect your friends will just ignore that and let you die.

7-I love your family events, weddings, new babies, career advancements.

8-I don't care much for "humblebrags" when a person posts about how many people of the opposite sex just cannot leave them alone, how movie stars stalk them, how agents are after them to become famous,  or how they feel sad that they had to sell one of their six vacation homes in order to pay for their new diamond collection.

9-I love recipes, hearing what you made for dinner, showing your crafts, your remodels, your projects.

10-I love knowing that you love your job and why.

11-I love knowing what trials you are going through so that we can support you.

12-I love your humor, stories about the grandkids, and jokes.

13-I love knowing what books and music you like or don't like.

14-I love the fact that Facebook shows so much about people's beliefs and values. I like to look at your last 20 posts and know that it tells me who you are, what you value, and if you are a thinker, leader, or follower!

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