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Air Travel Tip

Buy empty lip balms containers in bulk at amazon and fill them each with hair products, foundation, creme blush, or whatever for travel they hold any slightly thickened product like shampoo, moisturizer, etc. with enough for several days or longer. This makes your liquid carry ons much, much smaller and if you lose your baggage you don't lose so much product.

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Camping Fun

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Papertrey is Back on my List!

I have been very vocal over the years. First, about how much I loved Papertrey products and service for their first few years. Then I gradually became disgruntled with bad ink, poor customer service, and rude remarks by owners both  in emails, on forums, and the many experiences that others had where they were treated poorly.  I came to a point where I did not even want to give them a chance again, but since I am truly dependent on them for their cardstock colors that I love, and some of the designer's stamp designs, I have been gradually wading back in.

I am happy to report excellent product, customer service, and have not noticed rude responses to customers for some time. I have been watching for several years and rarely, very rarely placing a basic order for needed supplies.

This month I ordered their "Make It Market Kit" and have to say that it reminds me of the old days of Papertrey when their designs were addictive. The price is a bit high since I won't be using all of the elements, but I have found it easy to resell unused elements from companies, particularly when they produce only a limited amount for a limited time. I do wish shipping was faster. It took 10 days to receive my product package when companies like MFT, Avery Elle, Reverse Confetti, and Ellen Hutson average 3-5 days from ordering to having goodies in my hands.

I just wanted to say that I am back in the PTI game and will let you know if there are any bumps in the road. The Brushstroke Blossoms are going to provide me lots of fun this weekend.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hobby Lobby and Their "Conscience"

Paying for  the 4 birth control methods they are now suddenly against was not"against their conscience" before the ACA.

Their conscience doesn't prevent them from 
buying most of their merchandise from China, where there are more abortions than anywhere.
Their conscience doesn't keep them from investing in 
and profiting hugely from companies that produce the very birth control they object 
to and refuse to allow insurance to cover for their employees.

 Apparently "their conscience" allows them to be hypocrites.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

First BD Owl