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Friday, February 29, 2008

Roses in Winter

This card latches on the side with the circle piece which is attached with a small piece of velcro tape. I decided to mess around with RIW and see if I really do need to buy those Kitchen Sink 3 step roses that have been calling to me. I have not completely decided yet,but if I do, I will be selling my RIW set.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Faux Nestability Embossing---Too Cool!

Check out Gina K's faux Nestability embossing. I cannot even imagine how she came up with this one!

Unmounted Stamps for Sale

Mixed Bouquet on EZ mount used once $14

French Script on EZ mount used twice $12

A clear set of Autumn Leaves flourishes, but I don't know the official name (9 stamp in set 4 never used, 5 lightly used barely stained at all) $10

Terrific Tulips EZ mounted $15

2-step Decorative Daisies $14 EZ mounted

Shipping $2.50 for first set, add $1 for each additional set.

Buy 3 or more sets and I will not only pay the postage but I will throw in a free floral background stamp.

Email me at rubyslippers@neofast.net

Owls Galore

I love this little owl from the Birds Galore Inkadinkadoo set. I sure have gotten my money out of that set. For this card I stamped the leaves from another bird and then stamped 2 of the owls so they were sitting on the branch. I used a Nestabilities mask to make the surrounding area and sponged on a blue chalk ink.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Papertrey Aqua Mist--Verdict is in!

I had asked on the PTI site if their new Aqua Mist was like Cool Carribean. This morning I had 2 emails from readers who had received it and said it is not very close to CC. It is much more green and probably a closer match for the old Mint Medley, which I was never very fond of. They did say it was not that dark and they thought it was nicer than Mint Medley. So, there you have it!

Is it Spring Yet?

Cuttlebugged backgroundon Bazille which has a white core. It was then sanded.. Stamp sources unknown. Tulip is made by punching three teardrops with a punch and arranging to form a tulip.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No picture today

I have had chronic eye problems for 2 months including pink eye twice, a corneal abrasion, and now chronic inflammation. I am on steroids and my eyes are so light sensitive that taking pictures or even being on the computer is fairly painful. Doctor is hoping the steroids turn me around by tomorrow. Last night, I was feeling better, but today has not been a good day. I check in with him tomorrow to decide what we do next. I will get a card posted soon.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Needing Ideas

I absolutely could not pass these up. Aren't they gorgeous? Got them at Craft Warehouse. I have to find some inspiration. I tend to horde things that I love.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Online Michael's Coupon!!

Michael's is doing a test to see if consumers would use an online coupon. Let's not disappoint them. Click the title of this post and it will take you there!! You can use one per day!

Faux Always Card

I was very drawn to the stamps in the new Always set by SU but to tell the truth, I just found the set way too expensive. Also since I am moving away from wood I just could not get real excited about buying it. So I found similar stamps that I actually like better that give me a similar look. The heart is from Rubbernecker and the bird is from Inkadinkadoo. Paper is Basic Gray. Dotting was done with a white gel pen. I ran out of black dotted ribbon so I just dotted a strip of black paper. Fun card to make and very similar to some others out there, except that I used completely different stamps and papers so I guess it is a fake CASE :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

What if Clear Stamps Don't Last Forever?

One of the questions a reader sent to me recently was, "What if clear stamps won't hold up over the years?" I don't know if anyone knows the answer to this for sure. I know that some of the early clear stamp company's stamps, like CTMH, did not last. The first set I bought from them turned to gel. They did replace them but only after I posted about them refusing to replace them on a public board. The consultants got upset and mass e-mailed the company and before you knew it, I had a replacement set.
But, I do think the newer ones are made of something different. They surely do stamp much better.

If I ask myself how many of my 10 year old sets I still use, the answer is 2 or 3 and then only very rarely. So, if my stamps don't last for decade after decade, I am not going to be that upset at all.

Saltbox Stamps

This little guy is from the Saltbox Sheep Sayings set. My friend Elaine picked up these stamps for me in Seattle. They are such a bargain at $7.75 per set. I had her get me two different sets. The background is SU Flannel in white on dark blue. The mittens are from an old SU set.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Toucan of Love

I got this set on ebay a few years ago after SU retired it and have sure enjoyed it. My students love to make cards with this set. The background is Crosshatch. It is colored with watercolor crayons.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

They Came!!

My four new Cuttlebug Embossing folders came. I got Swiss Dots, Birds and Swirls, Paisley, and Floral Fantasy. I am so excited. I had to try each one out on pieces of Papertrey white cardstock (my favorite dry embossing white cardstock) and the results were even better that I imagined. I have been fighting eye infections off and on for weeks and resulted with a case of severe dry eye. When I can wear my contacts for a few hours I will get some cards posted using these folders.

Papertrey Sweetie Pie Card

I bought this Papertrey set mainly because I loved this little pie stamp so much. I colored directly on the stamp and then stamped it to the white circle. The background is a Cornish Heritage graph paper background stamp done in black on the marroon cardstock. Sentiments are also from Papertrey.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ladies at Lunch

I believe these are stamps from an old SU set, but am not sure. The dotted background is made with an unmounted Cornish Heritage background stamp (link to the left if you have not checked out their great backgrounds). Do I ever make a card without my Nestabilities? Not often. Everything is colored with watercolor crayons. Source for sentiment is unknown.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Card from a Friend

Paulie, who is a reader here and also a friend from another board, sent me this for Valentine's Day. When she wanted to learn to stamp, I sent her some beginner supplies and here is evidence of how she has really taken off with this hobby!! Thanks, Paulie! I hope the card I sent you is there by now!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Heather's Valentine

This is the Valentine my friend Heather made for me. I believe these are all SU stamps. I hope the glitter shows.

Offensive Ad

I rarely use this blog for anything but my hobby, but the current Jack-in-the-Box hot tub ad with the vulgar line that I won't even repeat is so over the top that I am encouraging people to let them know. If you click the title of this post, it will take you to a contact page to let them know you don't appreciate it. Supposedly, they think this prime time ad goes right over the heads of children. Not over the heads of my students and I am disgusted that the company has been running this ad for months and is refusing to respond to customer complaints about it. You can see the ad on YouTube. It is the one that is the "sandwich" one.

Birds Galore

This card was made with stamps from the Birds Galaore Inkadinkadoo set. I used Nestabilities for the ovals and the ribbon is from Michael's.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Scoring Board for Lines for Dry Embossing

I got out a large sheet of chipboard and cut off 2 lengths that were 1" wide. I then glued them on the main sheet parallel with about 1/16" space between them creating a long groove. You could vary the space depending on what look you are going for. I am going to put several grooves on mine with different widths. The put your cardstock face down and run a thin paintbrush handle down the groove. Voila! I got the perfect scored dry embossed line for my taste by doing this!!

Answering Questions

Q-How do you get your 3 step Kitchen Sink flowers to line up?

A-I figured them out once and then used a black sharpie on them to mark 2 black arrows on each stamp. Works like a dream.

Q-Where did you get the baby rick rack?

A-JoAnn had several colors and I bought some in a scrap store. I paid triple per yard at the scrap store until I figured out that JoAnn had it.

Q-What stamp cleaner do you use?

A- Baby wipes and Ultra Clean (safe for clear stamps)

Q-Did you get any new Cuttlebug embossing folders?

A-Should be here by mid week!

Q-Why do you like Caran d' Arche watercolor crayons over SU.

A-Price was the main thing, but the set I have has all the basic colors in one tray. I didn't need all the variations of color because they mix so well that I can make any color with them. I like the way they blend. They are about same quality as SU but I think they blend a little more smoothly.

Q-What do you think of the new Paper Trey colors?

A-I really dislike the moss green. I cannot figure out if I like the other color or not. If it leans more toward Carribean and less toward Mint Melody, I will probably like it. I am waiting for the verdict from someone who can do an actual comparison in real life.

Q-Where do you buy your gingham ribbon?

A-Walmart and/or JoAnn. Looks like the same stuff at both places for the same prices. I can get different colors at both places.

Front of Bikini Card

Fun card to do with lots of possiblities for sayings inside such as "Thanks for your support" or "Hang in there", etc.
Template is found at Stamp Owls blog. Click the title of this post and it will take you there.

Back of Card

The bikini part is what is left after the top has been cut from the same paper.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stamping and Politics? LOLOLOL!

For the funniest stamping post ever, click on the title of this post. It will take you to Joan's interviews of Hillary, Obama, and McCain on their views of our hobby. She always writes funny things, but this is truly the best!!

Crafty Secrets Spring Birds

It has been feeling like spring around here!

Don't you love the baby rick rack on this card. I found it in pink, black, red, blue, and yellow. The image is from Crafty Secrets and colored with watercolor crayons. The background is an SU roller.

Friday, February 15, 2008

RAK from a Friend

Bela sent me this adorable duckie card along with lots of images. We found each other through blogs and realized we liked similar images. I sent her some of my penguin collection and she sent me some of her adorable images along with this car. The water on this card has been glazed with a clear glaze like Crystal Effects.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Foil Valentine

This card was made with Nesties and foil cardstock from the Valentine section at the local scrapbooking store. The background is SU canvas. The border is from a very old foam set that I took apart and put on EZ mount. Simple but fun card.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thanks for the Valentines!

I opened my mailbox to several valentines the last few days. Thanks to Angie, Paulie, and Jeanine! They were gorgeous!

Red Velvet Trim

I made this card using the red velvet ribbon from All That Scraps. The heart is from MFT and is colored with Copic Glitter pens, cut out with Nestabilities and edged in Platinum Stickles. Not sure where the sentiment, embossed in gold, from.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Want to See New Products Out at CHA??

Click on the title of this post for lots of pictures.

Paper Trey Card

All stamps by Paper Trey including the stamped ribbon which is from the Faux Ribbon set. I used the Nesties for the circles.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sneak Peeks--Fun or Manipulation

I just had the most interesting online discussion with some stamping friends. Some love that companies like Paper Trey have a rather drawn out release. They like the hints, and clues, and daily bits and pieces that can be put together to figure out what the company will soon release.

A couple of the ladies though are feeling manipulated. They say they hate this kind of marketing. Interesting to me, because I never really felt manipulated. I do sometimes wish I didn't have to wait until late at night to get my next clue (why do they do these late at night anyway?) but I kind of enjoy the anticipation. This month Paper Trey started the releases of bits of info and pictures on the 4th of Feb. instead of the 10th, drawing it out over 11 days rather than 5. These 2 stampers said this was the point at which they realized they were no longer having fun, but felt more like "puppets on a string" to quote one of them. I am not sure--do these techniques create more impulse buying the instant the products are released after a huge build up over days? Is it a marketing technique to make people buy everything all at once or is it just a fun way to introduce products? I am not sure.

One stamper said that on another site people were wanting a button that just said "Give me everything you are releasing new tonight" so that they don't have to rush around pushing buttons for each individual product in order to be first on the shipping list and to be sure the company doesn't run out of product.

What do you think?

Saltbox Winter Valentine

I got my Saltbox stamps last week (thanks, Elaine!) and am enjoying them very much. This set is the set called February and I just could not pass up this cute snowman that works for Valentine's Day. The sentiment is from SU Riveting. The background is Memory Box paper. The ribbon is from May arts, but I added 2 red stripes with fine tip marker.

Rubbernecker Valentine

I ordered 2 new hearts from Rubbernecker last week. I have never ordered from them before. I got fast, good service and am quite happy with the unmounted red rubber stamps. I embossed the heart in white and then used white pigment ink on a Dove Blender to color here and there. I used Nesties for the layers. The background is Memory Box paper. I used a SaltBox stamp from the February set to stamp on the white twill.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pink Valentine BoHo

Background is Cuttlebugged and swiped with pink ink. The hearts are done with Nestablities. I colored with markers and overlayed wiht clear Stickles.

Lot of Punches FOR SALE!

I paid $67 for the punches pictured here. They all work well and have been barely used. I am simply running out of room. The lot is yours for $28 plus $8.95 Flat Rate Priority ship. Email me at rubyslippers@neofast.net

True Friend

This is a card we made at 10 Club, therefore all supplies for this one are SU.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cute Valentine Sayings

A card with a dog on it ;
"I love you drool-ly!"

A card with an artist, palette or paintbrush:
"I love you with all my art!"

Stamp of a person with a broken leg or a crutch:
"I've got a crutch on you!"

A fish:
I have a case of guppy love.

A pair of birds:

I'm feeling very scent-imental!

"I find you very attractive."

French chef (Voila set?)
A hug and a quiche!

"You mean a great dill to me."

Light bulb:
"I love you a whole watt!"

Answering Questions

Q-What recent new companies have you purchased from?

A-Two latest companies I have tried are Salt Box (thanks to my friend, Elaine) and Rubbernecker (excellent and fast service). I will be posting projects this week with cards I have made from both companies.

Q-Is Palette Ink a solvent ink?

A-No, it is not. This makes it absolutely safe for all stamps including clear, which is one of the reasons I prefer it.

Q-Does the ATG tape go bad?

A-I have not had a problem but have been told it could, after a few years, lose it's sticky. It was recommended that it be kept in a cool, dark, dry place and that it should be stored in Ziplock bags, which I have done with mine.

Q-Is it true Nesties are out of stock everywhere again?

A-Looks like it. Just got an email from Cut-at-Home and it looks like circles, ovals, rectangles, and squares are out at Spellbinders until mid-March. I was considering the scallopped hearts, so I may still be in luck.

Q-Are you going to ever enable your comments again? Will this mean no more blog candy? I loved the stamps you sent me.

A-Probably sometime in the future. Even if I don't, I can do blog candy via email entries.

Q-Are you one of the ones who goes to CHA?

A-Not really interested to tell you the truth, but even if I wanted to, my first obligation is to be here for my students and I would not go for that reason.

Q-How do you seem to get your hands on stamps that we cannot find here in the Pacific Northwest?

A-LOL! Friends in high places?? Actually, I have many friends on the GW board and elsewhere on the internet and we often offer to help one another out and buy things and send them. I got the Birds Galore from Mary and the Saltbox stamps from Elaine. Both are Gingerwoodie friends.

Valentine CB Sheep

This card is made using a Cuttlebug Valentine piece for the body. It was Bazille cardstock and then I sanded it for texture and color variation. Black and white background is SU. Sheep parts and sentiment are Paper Trey.

Cool Carribbean Alternative

Many of us were very sad to see SU retire CC cardstock. Nichole at Paper Trey is introducing matching cardstock, ink, reinkers, and ribbon this month. The first two colors are a moss color and a pale aqua. While not exactly a perfect match for CC, it is close. If you go to her blog (Iinked to the left if you scroll down) you can see a comparision of her new colors to swatches of SU colors. I love the matching ribbon that comes in several styles! I still have my hoarded few packages of CC that I use very carefully, but feel a bit relieved that this new aqua color may be a great replacement. Additionally, PT cardstock is thicker and very sturdy. It also dry embosses better than any other cardstock I have ever used.

A card will be posted later today!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Fintastic Valentine's Day

This retired SU Valentine stamp is colored with a Dove blender and reinkers. The ribbons are all from Walmart. I used the SU Canvas background in orange on the yellow layer. I buy the googlie eyes at JoAnn.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thank you, Margie!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Can you tell I love red? This card is made with really inexpensive foam stamps I got at Craft Warehouse. I stamped them in white on the red and then put the sentiment over the top in black. I cannot get the sentiment to show much in the picture. In real life, it stands out against the background just fine.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Valentine Trio

The hearts are from an old SU set. I used the SU Flourish roller down the side. The strip of vertical mini-hearts are Paper Trey. I used Gold Stickles for the accents.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another Inkadinkadoo Birds Galore Card

Similar to another card I did. This one is even simpler and made upon request by a friend who wants to use them as notecards. The sentiment, I think, is perfect for this image. The sentiment comes from smARTworks stamps.

I Love YOU!!!

This Valentine is made with a Coluzzle heart shape. The red letters are done with large foam letters I purchased very inexpensively at Apropos in Spokane, WA. Ribbon is from Walmart. S shaped embellishments come from Target's office supplies. I thing they are supposed to be fancy paper clips.

Monday, February 4, 2008


I have no idea where I got these hysterical stamps!

Transparency Valentine

I love this short-lived SU Valentine set. It reminds me of Valentines we had when I was a girl such a long, long, long :) time ago. I colored the image with watercolor crayons and used my Nestabilities to make it into a scalloped circle. I buy my transparencies at K-Mart. I used 2 colors of Colorbox Chalk Ink to do the hearts. I always thought you had to use something like Stazon, but thanks to a couple of other bloggers I discovered that Chalk Ink works if you let it sit a while before you touch it.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Answering Questions

Q-Where did you get the Birds Galore set?

A-They are not online and not in stores around here. A GW friend got a set for me where they do have them and sent one to me. I contacted the company and they will not be on their site until late March.

Q-Are you closing your blog?

A-No, just the comments, just for now.

Q-Is the felt you used for the sheep the thin kind or the regular kind?

A-I guess it is the regular. I didn't know they had 2 thicknesses. I got squares at JoAnn. They were out of the pink so I got that off a bolt there.

Q-What ink did you use for the blue Kitchen Sink daisies. I used Blue Lagoon Colorbox Chalk and French Blue Colorbox chalk and then SU Navy for the centers.

A-You mentioned velvet ribbon. Where do you buy that?

Q-I get mine from All That Scraps.

Q-Do you have your new Cuttlebug folders yet?

A-No, All That Scraps should be shipping them this week according to an e-mail.

Q-Did you see all the recent Paper Trey news? What do you think?

A-I am a bit overwhelmed and I think there is quite a bit more to come. I hope they don't lose their "small company" feel.

New Palette Ink Spots for Sale

I have 8 Palette Ink spots for sale. They have never been opened and were purchased in December so they are quite new. The colors are Reflection Blue, Iris, Belle Rose, Water Lily Green, Lavender Sachet, Nude, Ballet Blue, and Toile Pink. These are great inks, but I simply overpurchased. I will sell the lot for $14 plus $3.75 shipping (insurance extra). Email me at rubyslippers@neofast.net if you are interested.

Card of the Day

Click the title of this post and it will take you to a new card each day!

Paper Trey Valentine

All stamps are by Paper Trey. I put Stickles on the little hearts to make them sparkle. The window was done with my Nestabilities.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

BoHo Heart

Having fun with my MFT BoHo set these days!

Blog Candy Winner!

Congratulations to Linsey!! Linsey, I have emailed you for your address and the stamp is ready to go!! Enjoy.

Important Announcement

After I complete today's Blog Candy draw early this afternoon, I will be closing my blog to ALL comments. The problem with a certain person(s) continues and until I can get it resolved, you may make all comments/questions to me at rubyslippers@neofast.net. I am able to block her (them) from my email but not from my blog. It is getting to just be too big of a headache and now that she has started naming GW regulars on my blog and making crude and rude remarks about those ladies whom I consider great friends, I will no longer tolerate it. Her server has been contacted with the evidence. I realize that I can get a paid blog, but rather than have this person force me to spend my stamping money this way, I will just short circuit her altogether.

I will leave my email address just to the left under my Ruby Slippers blog title so it is available to you.

Answering Questions

Q-Is the give away stamp clear?

A-Yes, it is. I think it is a Studio G one.

Q-What brand are your watercolor crayons? I like some of the colors you have that I don't have.

A-They are a Caran d' Arche set. They are made in Switzerland and have several different sets. They are really nice to work with.

Q-What paper do you use for dry embossing?

A-Paper Trey is the only one I use. IMO, it embosses better than any of the others out there.

Q-Did you survive the wind storm over there?

A-Yes, we had no damage but were without power and water for the better part of 3 days. Many, many had lots of damage though. A majority of those around us lost big sections of roof.

A Few More Hours for Blog Candy

I will leave the Jan. 26 Blog Candy open for a few more hours. I may be out later today and if that happens I will do the drawing before then. If plans change I will do it this evening. Yes, Cindy, it is a clear stamp!

Eileen's Valentine

My friend, Eileen, made this valentine for me. Isn't it just adorable. I really love the colors she chose and all the work she put into it.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Heather's Snowman

My friend, Heather, designed this card using an SU snowman on a Cuttlebugged background. The ink used to highlight the snowflakes is Cool Carribean. The ribbon is from Walmart.

Another Card with "Give Away" Stamp

Here is another card made with the stamp I am giving away (see Jan. 26 post). The background paper is Basic Grey Blush. I used a Signo White Gel pen from www.jetpens.com for the dotting. The sentiment is from the smARTworks Valentine set. I cannot remember where I got the ribbon. It is possible some I got when traveling. I stamped the heart in brown and embossed with clear EP.