This blog is dedicated to stamping, tips, musings, and whatever I want to post. I want my cards to make you smile. You may copy, post, pin, anything you want. To me this is a sharing hobby.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

This card was inspired by Michelle K from the GW board. She sent me a very generous and wonderful RAK and it was wrapped in a designer paper band and used a little folded square with a message inside. Hers had a bat like this attached too. I used hers to figure out how to do the technique. I then mounted it on an apricot card. The cheesecloth background is from CHF--I love their UM backgrounds (link at left if you scroll down). Designer paper is from Memory Box.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

smARTworks Stamps

Check out the link on the left when you scroll down. I got a stamp 1/2 price with my order due to their October special. Wait until you see the cool vintage stamps I got. I cannot wait for these stamps to arrive. Shipping was less than $2, they notified that they would ship tomorrow (just ordered a couple of hours ago) and I am already impressed with their customer service. I have had my eye on these stamps for awhile after seeing some of Dina's cards! (See her cards at Mama Dini's--link on left if you scroll down).

Halloween RAK

Look what was in my mailbox today from Gingerwoodie, Diane!! Don't you love it. The ghost is covered in sparkles and the house is made from 2 layers of fun foam!! The yellow glow outside of the edge of the house is not really there, but my camera did kind of a reflection thing.

Crafty Secrets Bird

This bird comes from the Crafty Secrets Bird Notes set. I used the reverse resist technique (see previous posts for instructions) with SU Houndstooth and Best Blossoms for the background. I again used the leaves from Best Blossoms for the bird to sit on. The gold edging is done with a Krylon Gold pen from JoAnn.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Looks Like Rain

Love these Paper Trey Ink stamps (link at left--scroll down).

Tab is from SU. Background Polka Dots is CHF (link at left--scroll down)

Santa Collage? You Want One?

I left a message at Delta about wanting to get my hands on the Rubber Stampede Santa Collage stamp. She said they plan to reissue it next year. They had no idea that it would continue in popularity. You might want to get your name on their list to get one! They are issued in limited numbers.

Apples from Give Thanks SU Set

Thanks to Louise who let us know the name of the set that includes these apples in a bucket. I watercolored them--they are my favorite stamp to watercolor. The background is done using the Reverse Resist Technique background that I showed on the October 13 post, several pictures down.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Apples in the Bucket?

Does anyone know the name of the set that has the apples in the bucket stamp that I use so often? It is part of a set, but I only own the individual stamp which I bought on ebay quite some time ago. Readers are asking for the name of the set and I have been unable to find it.

Quick Note Card

Needed a quick note card and PaperTrey's Ovals from the Borders and Corners series fit the need perfectly. I think the little flower in the center is SU, but not sure. The background is done with one of the tiny elements from the PT set.

I Have Been Tagged

Elaine from A Place for Ink (see link on left below) has tagged me for 7 random facts. I am tagging Ellamae to keep this game going.

My 7 random things about me are:

1. I have 3 kidneys. One is not functional. I was to be a twin but the other miscarried leaving me with a kidney cell. It is useless to anyone including me as it is not "hooked up".

2. I have taught in a juvenile detention jail classroom for 10 years now. I teach 10-18 year olds in one classroom. They range from incorrigible drug addicts to rapists, dealers, and even those accused of murder. Interesting and I really do love it.

3. I love chocolate. It gives me all kinds of stomach problems but I eat it anyway.

4. Wizard of Oz is my all time favorite movie and I can see it over and over. I have a collection of Wizard of Oz rubber stamps. Did ya notice my blog name? LOL!

5. My grandpa and Lawrence Welk were in a band in the early days. Grandpa was the leader and they decided Lawrence wasn't up to their standards so he went on his way and was on TV within a year!!

6. I am have a friend who is going to be famous in just a couple years for an invention that just debued. It will be equal to StarBucks in that it is a product everyone will want wherever they go. Will tell you more about that one day.

7. I hate camping so much. I do not get it and I cannot understand why anyone likes it. I married into a camping, hiking family. I also do not swim--they scuba dive!

Eeek! #2

Similar to the card I posted last week, but I just changed a few of the papers and color combos.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Flourished Apples

This is one of my all-time favorite stamps. They will have to bury it with me! All stamps by SU. I watercolored the main image and used a wheel to do the flourishes in black and then again in white on the charcoal cardstock. I could not find a piece of cardstock the color I wanted to mount behind the apples, so I used a paint chip sample.

Vendor Praise

I just purchased my first item from Cut@Home! In addition to a monthly 40% off, the customer service is wonderful. The item I ordered was backordered and within minutes the company emailed me. When I asked to adjust the item it was taken care of immediately. I am already impressed! Link on side if you scroll down.

Really Cute Halloween Game

Check out Lori's really cute Halloween game at the Make a Difference link when you scroll down on the left. Adorable idea! So creative and inexpensive too!

Blog Candy Winner!!!

We have a winner! Kathy W, I am also emailing you, but if you see this first send me your snail mail addy and I will get your package right out to you. Thanks to all for playing along. My next blog candy will be for those who have linked my blog at their blog. I want to get a list going and reciprocate! Those eligible for that special blog candy just before the holidays will be the "linkers" LOL!

Shimmery, Sheer Halloween

I stamped the SU images on gray and the house on white and then cut out and attached. I covered the entire gray piece with a 5 inch wide piece of shimmery sheer ribbon like fabric I purchased a year ago at Make an Impression in Issaquah. It is wonderful and to this point I have used about 1/2 my roll on wedding cards. I figured it might make a nice foggy night for my Halloween card. The moon is punched from yellow. The sentiment is Inkadinkadoo. I covered it in Versamark and then heat embossed Stardust EP over it.

Rubber Stampede Santa Collage

Does anyone know where I can find one of these that is reasonably priced? I passed one up in Seattle last month and have been wishing ever since that I had purchased it.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Last Minute for Blog Candy?

I imagine that this will wrap up sometime tomorrow. Last chance! I wish you luck.

$3 Ribbon Jars

Walmart got more of these jars in and don't the ribbons look cool in them? For me it is the best way to store my smaller lengths of ribbon. I have containers for the big rolls that are my basic solid and gingham ribbons. This specialty stuff is really fun in the jars and I use it much more because I can see it.

Yes, those are some of my stamps in the CD cases and background stamps in the plastic boxes. I can fit 5 or 6 background unmounted stamps in a box. I label the ends to make them easy to find.

Birthday Card for My Friend

I made this for an upcoming birthday. Added lots of Stickles to the packages because I LOVE sparkle!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Penny Black Stickers

A couple of years ago I discovered Penny Black stickers for Christmas cards. This summer my sister took me to a stamp store where I bought these. I have not used them yet, but there they sit, begging to be on a card.

Cuttlebug Texture

Back green layer is done with the texture folder and Cuttlebug and then sponged with brown. Main card is stamped with SU Floral background. I believe the flowers are Hero Arts, but am not sure. I stamped with Creamy Caramel with the SU Linen stamp before stamping the flowers, but it does not show well here unless you click on the image to enlarge it. I colored on the stamp and misted.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stamping Tip

Did you know that a pantiliner and reinkers make a great temporary disposable stamp pad? It really works. I also use these for bleach but be sure to do it in a container.

Counting Down to the Blog Candy

Still time to get your comment in on the Oct. 20 Blog Candy Post. When my counter hits 30,000 your time will have run out!

True Friend Flourish

I did this card on coral paper which I rarely use. This is the True Friend SU set. For the background I used coral ink on the Canvas stamp on coral paper. I added a few of the small flowers in coral. It still didn't grab me so I added some flourishes in white that made all the difference. Not sure if the paper piercing will show in the picture.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Answering Questions

Q-How much ATG tape do you use on a card?

A-Surprisingly little compared to when I used the old red roller. I usually just either put a strip down 2 opposite sides or just a dab on each corner. If it is the bottom of several layers that are heavy or if it is going on textured Cuttlebug cardstock I may use more in the shape of a big X. Actually, I have never had a card fall apart with this adhesive. It really has holding power. I could probably use even less and still be fine.

Q-Where do you start in the creating process?

A-I used to start with the stamps and go from there. More recently I go from a piece of designer paper or ribbon frequently. This way I get the colors all coordinating. If I can find an element of design in the paper or ribbon, such as dots, stripes, etc. sometimes I aim to repeat that in the card also.

Q-Did you solve the problem of the Hybrid Ink beading up on your transparencies?

A-Not yet. I emailed the manufacturer but I have not had a response yet.

Q-Have you ever won blog candy?

A-Yes, in the last 5 months I have won 6 times. I have won stamps, ink, ribbon, envelopes, embellishments, and gel pens.

Q-Where do you buy your transparencies?

A-Kmart. I also get my CD cases there since they are the most inexpensive I have found.

Q-Did you get any Kitchen Sink Stamps?

A-Not yet, but those flowers are calling to me!!

Q-If you opened a cutting edge stamp store, what would it have?

A-All clear stamps and products for clear stamping!! I would also carry reinkers for every pad I carried. I would have lots of those 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 pads of variety cardstock. I would carry Ultra Clean cleaner. My store would have lots of ribbon, ATG guns and tape, and glitter in every form imaginable!

Q-How many cards per week do you estimate you make?

A-I would say 5-10 depending on the week.

Penny Black Iris

This sympathy card was done with the Penny Black iris. I colored directly on the stamp with my markers and then misted with a tiny spray bottle (my favorites are 50 cents in the travel containers at Walmart). I used my Judkins Color Duster to fill in the background with a blue ink.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Pretty Box

I bought this Buckhead Betties box this summer while on vacation. It is perfect for storing designer paper.

Tissue Technique

This card was inspired by Nichole Heady's blog (see link at left). Before she did the Oct. 15 release, she reminded me of this old technique with her snowflake card. I learned this technique when I was a beginning stamper about 12-13 years ago. I decided to give it a try again. The background for this card is the one I showed you several posts back and mentioned that I would make a card using it. If you need the details for the background, scroll back a few days. The image itself is from Trees Three by SU. I stamped it over the weave background done in a light pink. Weave is from CHF and is one of my favorite backgrounds. After I had the image done I covered the whole thing with cheap glue stick and then laid a piece of very crumpled white tissue (like you put in gift bags) over the top and smooth. Fold over, miter the corners and glue to the back. Smooth with your bone folder. You want some wrinkles in it. It will almost become part of the card. It creates a bit of a hazy look, much like our smoky and foggy fall mornings around here. I then used some brown chalk ink to sponge the edges and adhered to dark brown cardstock.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Messed Up

In the quiz below, for #29 I accidentally used the word vertically and it should be horizontally. I fixed it. Thanks Kim Ross!!

My GW Challenge Card

Gingerstamp over at GW (see link at left) put out a challenge Friday night to make a card using stamps that have not been touched for a long time. 3 of the 5 stamps used to make this card have long been gathering dust. The background is done with an SU wheel with olive ink on olive cardstock. The panel on the left is stamped in burgandy, first with the SU Linen background and then again with the CHF Ticking background. The little tree is from A Muse and colored with watercolor crayons. The sentiment and frame around it are from Verve Visual.

Another Transparency Card

Similar to the other 2 I have posted. The technique is the same. This one uses the SU Paisley for background and the image is Lizzie Anne.


Blogger is still down and I have so many pictures to upload!! Frustrating. In the meantime, how about finding out just how addicted to stamping you are by taking my little quiz! Give yourself one point for every yes and you can score it at the end. If there are terms you don't know then give yourself a 0 for that question.

1-I own 5 different brands of punches.

2-All my ribbon tied together would reach from my stamp room to my mail box or beyond.

3-I have at least 10 shades of green ink.

4-I know at least 3 ways to make my images look grounded.

5-I have at least one stamp in my collection that is a vehicle without wheels.

6-I have at least one stamp that has an image of some sort of antique.

7-In my stamp room is a needle, a bottle cap, and a piece of fabric (remember Let's Make a Deal when Bob wanted to see what was in your purse?).

8-I use some form of make-up in my stamping now and then.

9-I know at least 3 ways to make paper glittery.

10-I have shaving cream, rubbing alcohol, and bleach in my stamping supplies.

11- I have at least 5 kinds of adhesive.

12-In my stamp collection I have all three: an eagle, an owl, a hummingbird.

13-I have at least 15 kinds of flower stamps (tulips, roses, etc.)

14-I have more designer/decorate paper than I could use to make 200 cards.

15-I have at least 8 colors of silk/fabric flowers.

16-I have embossing powder that is at least 5 years old.

17-I have used an iron in my stamping more than once.

18-I have 10 or more background stamps.

19-My stamp collection includes a jar, a telephone and a typewriter/computer stamp (all 3 for the point!).

20-I have 3 or more pair of straight edged scissors or cutting tools.

21-I have at least 6 shades of blue cardstock.

22-I know 3 ways to attach a ribbon to a card.

23-I use transparencies in my stamping.

24-I know how to paint with reinkers.

25-I have at least one card in my stamp room that has 8 layers on it.

26-I have done paper piecing or paper applique before.

27-I have made a card with at least one element that uses origami.

28-I know how to resist emboss.

29-I store my markers horizontally.

30-I have at least one stamp or stamp set that is about chocolate.


28-30 We will have to bury you with your stamps when you die. You need inpatient treatment.

23-27 Yep, you are addicted, Without an intervention soon, you will quickly reach the level above this one.

18-22 Come on, you can do better. Take a few weeks off work and stamp!!!

17 and UNDER There is still hope for you. Spend a bit more time reading blogs and shopping in stamp stores and you will make progress.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sharing a Tip

Wondering what to do with the SU sticky plastic indexing labels? Sometimes I peel the sentiments off and stick them to my CD cases to make it easier to know what is inside. The images really don't need that. I was just thinking I needed to mask some pumpkins for my Autumn Harvest set and voila!! The images (not peeled off) when cut out are perfect and wipe off nicely!!

BLOG CANDY Image Package

Since tomorrow is the 3 month anniversary of my starting this blog, it is time for CANDY!

Between now and when my counter reaches 30,000 I will stamp an extra image (or several) of every stamp I use in my stamping and put in a package for the winner of this Blog Candy offering along with some other goodies I have been putting aside for some lucky reader.

Commenters on this post only (no anons and no international please) will be put in a drawing to receive the package. What you need to do is leave a comment telling me what you love and what you dislike in the stamping blogs you read. What brings you back and what makes you drop blogs from your reading list?

Many of the cards I post have been stamped ahead so your package won't necessarily match what you see posted on my blog. BUT--I have several sets of new stamps that you have yet to see posted here and I am stamping up a storm with them. Those images will be included in the package. It will be like having LOTS of new images to play with! Good luck. Remember to put all comments on this thread only and remember to leave some way for me to contact you.

Sandwich Transparency Card

This card is called a sandwich, because the transparency is between the layers to hide the glue dots. The teal is behind the transparency and the top layer and pink layer are in front. I used white Stazon to do the flakes. I purchased the transparencies at K-Mart for $4 for a good sized package. The snowman is from Rubber Soul and I also put some flakes around him with Versamark. He is colored with white Sharpie, being careful not to get the white on the black details. Pink pattern paper is from Memory Box and cut with Fiskars scissors to scallop. I also Versmarked the entire main image and embossed with clear Stardust EP.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Martha's Bird

This is a Martha Stewart stamp. They are 2 for $9.99 (set of birds) and I love them. Once again I watercolored. Background papers are from the DCVW Luxury Pack available at Verve Visual or JoAnn.

Answering Questions

Q-How do you store your stamps?

A-All my stamps are UM and I love storing them in CD cases. I have found K-Mart to be the most inexpensive place to buy the standard (not slim) jewel cases. I then store the cases in a set of 2 CD bookcase like things. I do have my eye on an antique looking set of drawers that look like the old library card drawers and would be the perfect size. Have to figure out if it would even fit in the space.

Q-Where do you get those awesome Paper Bag cards? I cannot find them online at all!

A-They are from World Win Papers and the customer service person is going to get back to me so I can post on my blog when she figures out the place we should order this brand new product from. I have 3 packages on the way from her, so watch for some Thanksgiving and Christmas cards done in this style.

Q-Is your job full time? You seem to have so much time to stamp?

A-My job is full time and very stressful. I need lots of therapy, LOL! Stamping is my therapy! I also have a great family who do lots around the house, leaving me with a bit more free time. Also, as I have gotten older I have learned that the dust will always be there and finding joy in life is just so much more valuable.

Q-Did you get the new Paper Trey Sets?

A-Not this time. I had other things quite similar, particularly a lot of snowflakes. I do have my eye on the Kitchen Sink flower stamps though. Christmas is coming!

Q-What is your most recent purchase?

A-I am expecting several Palette Hybrid ink cubes any day and have 4 of the new Cuttlebug embossing folders pre-ordered.

Autumn Harvest

Watercolored with reinkers and a Dove pen. The colors here look a little off. The watercoloring is darker in real life and the colors go together better. No matter how I photographed it, the pumpkins look a bit more yellow than they really are.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Very Simple Card

Done with pieces of designer paper, some Stickles, and an Inkadinkado sentiment.

Am I Going on THE Cruise?

I have been asked if I am going on THE big stamping cruise next October. The answer is no for the following reasons:

1-The amount of money to get me to Florida, then on the cruise, and then for what would be spent on the cruise would buy me enough stamps to keep me happy for many years.

2-There is no way they would let me off from my teaching job to do something like this.

3-I have been seasick before. Nothing in the world like it. I would not want to risk it. My cousin went on one and was miserably sick the whole time.

4-I am sure all you cruising girls will share all the great ideas with us when you get home!

Creeping By!

Sentiment, bacdground behind sentiment, and spider by SU. I used ultra baby rick rack, even tinier than baby rick rack (from Impress) for the black "thread". I made the web with my Cuttlebug and Fiskars texture plate using lightweight Stardream paper from Paper Zone. Ribbon from Craft Warehouse.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Message to Pearl

Your email is blocking my email to you as part of your spam filter. Contact me with your snail mail addy and I will get those right out to you!

Elaine's Penguin

Elaine (a regular on GW) sent me this adorable little penguin card. I love penguins! I believe this little guy is from Memory Box. I just love what she did with him. If you want to see more of her work, her blog is linked at the left when you scroll down.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blogs I Love

I haven't even begun to transfer my blogroll from my old blog, but people are asking which blogs I frequent in addition to the few I have listed. If you go to my old blog Ruby Slippers #1, linked at the left under the other places I visit, you can access my very long list of blog links there.

I won!!

Click on my title for this post and you can see what I won! This is the company that makes the Paper Bag cards I adore so much. It is called World Win Papers (see link at left when you scroll down). I am soooo excited. There is not a retailer within 250 miles of me and this is so exciting for me.

SU's Angel Policy Changes!

Starting November 15, the sale of hand-stamped items will be allowed at fixed retail locations.

Angel Policy - Article 4 of Stampin' Up!'s Angel Policy has been revised to allow the sale of hand-stamped items in permanent retail locations. The seller must clearly indicate that the items were created by hand, and not a product of the company. The seller may indicate that the supplies used to make the items are from Stampin' Up!, but the company logo may not be used in any way for the sole purpose of promoting the sale of these items.

Frightening Frank Gets the Vote

My students love this card and so I am going to be making many more. I have a reading program in my classroom where they can earn cards to send out. I teach in a juvenile jail and sending mail is something special for my kids. It takes reading a book and giving an oral book report to earn a card. It is so worth it to me to get these reluctant and below grade level kids to read, read, read. Anyway, I made one of these and have had numerous requests for more. The stamp was from the $1 bin at Craft Warehouse. The dotted background is CHF. I punched the scallopped circles from decorative paper. Ribbon from JoAnn.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Get Well

Love this little mousie image. I do not remember the source. This is done with watercolor crayons.

Note: Reader Mary Ann tells me this stamp is Inkadinkado 6547N. Thanks Mary Ann!


Sentiment by TAC. The rest of the stamps are SU. The inset spider was an idea cased from Laurie on the Halloween card she just sent me.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sideshow Owl

This is another card using my Sideshow owl, my SU wheel, and Memory Box paper. I rolled the wheel in Versamark and clear embossed. Then I sponged Brilliance Moonlight white to create the fog. I used my Stardust pen to highlight branches. Owl was watercolored and completely covered in Versamark and then I covered it with Stardust Judikins EP and heat set.

Sideshow (see link at left when you scroll down) is having a sale right now and they also just released some very cute new stamps including some stacking owls that are too cute.

Another Crafty Secrets Card

A very easy card to make. I love these Crafty Secrets images and cannot wait to begin to use my Christmas ones.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Paper Bag Card

I am getting addicted to these cards. I buy the base bag card at Make An Impression and decorate with images from Crafty Secrets, Walmart, and bits and pieces of ribbon and papers. So much fun!

Under the Flap

View 2 of the card above.

Having Fun with Techniques

I have lately been noticing cards with layers on the background. I was unable to find directions and so I made up my own.
To make this card, I stamped SU Houndstooth in rose on apricot paper. I then took stamps from In the Spotlight (thanks again, Michele) and embossed using Versamark and clear EP. Then I sponged Cranberry Adirondack unevenly over the card. Using a tissue, wipe ink from the embossed areas. The card below is done in the same way, but I overlayed 2 backgrounds and coated the card with 2 inks for a deeper effect. When I get these cards made into cards after using them for backgrounds, I will post the finished products.

Version 2 of the Above Card

This one was done on white with Floral Background and Linen Background. After the embossing step I sponged Adirondack Cranberry over it and then brayered the whole thing with Colorbox Dark Brown Chalk ink. See above post for the details of the technique.

Masked Leaves

This is a single leaf stamp that I masked so I could add a second one. Colored with watercolor crayons. I used an SU roller for the bottom. I used a Judikins Color Duster to add the blue behind the leaves. Color Dusters are a staple in my stamping.

Thanks Michelle!!

A GW board friend RAK'd me with this set of stamps that I have been wanting for a long time. Her generosity so touched me. I have a plan to Pay It Forward.

This card will be put in the mail to her today. It is a transparency stamped with white Stazon. All pieces are attached with glue dots. The yellow layer of the flower goes behind to cover the glue dots. Inside, attached to the back is a white scallop that you cannot see and that is where I have written the message.

Michelle, you made my day!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Chocolate in a Can

This is a little individual fruit can. Cut the bottom off with one of those special openers that leaves a safe and smooth edge. Wash it out and dry. Fill with chocolates and then super glue the bottom back on and decorate! I recently did some of these to add to gift baskets.

Paper Trey Video

Want to see Nichole show how to make the nugget wrappers? Cut and paste this in your window (linking not working) http://www.newschannel5.com/Global/category.asp?C=85286 Go to the Drew Carey picture on the right and then scroll down the list.

Be Scary Card

THe pumpkins are from the SU Carved and Candlelit set. The sentiment is from Impress.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another Sympathy Card

I punched out a circular mask and layed it over the card and sponged the background. With the mask still in place I stamped with a stamp on which I had colored directly on it with markers and then misted with a fine mist of water before I stamped.

Sympathy Card

Sadly, I have had need of many sympathy cards the past few weeks. Seems we are at an age where people are losing parents, spouses, and siblings. This card is made with the old retired SU Botanical set. I embossed all 3 stamps in black and cut them out. Then I sponged ink into the white areas and mounted on a card.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Single Most Asked Question

The single most asked question I get from blog readers is "How do you do your coloring?" Well, this book says it all. While I don't use pencils as often as Dave, the principles for markers, reinkers, and watercolor crayons are all the same. He covers it in this book. How to work from light to dark, how to pull out color, where to layer, which colors to use together, and how to use detail is all there. I got this book at Amazon for a steal!! I plan to buy a couple more to use as gifts. It is an excellent book and will inspire you to find ways to add depth and color to your stamping. Nothing in it is difficult, in fact most techniques are explained in a a few sentences or a couple of paragraphs. Additionally, you probably already have what you need to do these techniques within your current supplies. I highly recommend this book and nope, you won't need Copics to do this.

Flocked Haunted House Card

The house on this card is done in black flocking and I really, really like the effect. I think it gives depth. The house is an SU stamp and the others are unknown. I also sponged Pumpkin Pie ink around the tree for shading.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sideshow Owl

This is an owl from Sideshow (link at side--love their unmounted stamps). I brayered glossy cardstock with Kaliedascope Desert Heat ink and then punched out a piece with my biggest scallop oval punch. White detailing on the black oval (made with Coluzzle) is white gel pen from www.jetpens.com. The background is SU's Paisley inked in white on black. I used my word window punch to make a place for a sentiment but still have not come up with what words belong there. The whole thing is layered on an orange card.

Monday, October 8, 2007

SU Set for Sale

I have a brand new, never opened, Very Punny set for sale. If it has not sold for $10 by midnight tonight, I will take the best offer at my email (shipping extra): rubyslippers@neofast.net

Happy Columbus Day

Columbus sailed the ocean blue...

All stamps are by TAC. Image is colored with watercolor crayons. Faux stitching is done with my Cutter Bee Piercing Wheel and then I used white gel pen (www.jetpens.com) over that.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Answering Questions

Q-How did you do the clouds on your most recent card?

A-I took a post it and free hand scallopped it. Then I sponged light bluish gray ink over the mask in various places until it looked cloudy.

Q-What did you do for World Stamping Day?

A-Spent much of the day in my jammies stamping, of course.

Q-You never mention Hobby Lobby or AC Moores? Do you shop there or boycott for some reason?

A-We have neither of them in this state or even the neighboring states as far as I know. My sister is getting one in her town about 1000 miles away. I am going to have to visit it, um I mean her, more often.

Q-Did you get any of the new MFT releases?

A-Yes, I had to have the BoHo set and have made several card with it. Watch for future posts.

Q-Did you know Paper Trey now has a gallery?

A-Yes, I have posted two pictures there. It is going to take me awhile to get used to uploading there. Kind of a lot of steps that are still confusing to me, but I see huge potential in it.

Q-Are you making Christmas cards this year?

A-Don't shoot me, but they are done and have been for awhile. I make them a year ahead and that way I can address them in November and leisurely stamp Christmas cards all December while I am in the mood for it. I then ziplock them and store for the next year. I will post this year's card after I send them out to friends. I will say that I used the Peaceful Wishes set for them and really enjoyed making them. I do upwards of a hundred most years.

Q-Do you have a stamp budget?

A-Yep, whatever my husband spends in hunting, rebuilding Zcars, and other hobbies, I make sure I spend an equal amount! How is that for fair?

Retired SU Set

I am not looking forward to the rainy weather which will start here in a few weeks, as much as we need it. I have always loved this little set though.

True Friend Flowers

A friend asked for a card done on brown with these colors and wanted non-traditional flowers. She loved it, I am not so sure I do!

Paper Bag Card

I made my own paper bag card following the idea of the previous one I did (see second and third posts on Oct. 1 on this blog), but made this a bit smaller. All images are from Walmart. Bat stamp is SU.

View 2 of Card Above

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Blog Candy Winner!!!

This is the post that I drew:

SueB said...
Congrats on reaching 20k hits and thanx for the opp to win the candy!
I generally use the cards and envelopes from JoAnn's and glue the front half of the card I create to the front of that.
One day while I was moaning to a buddy about the lack of plain white flowers I could then chalk to match cards, she pointed me to picking up flowers from a craft shop and using those rather than searching the LSSs (thanx, Pat!).
later, alligator!
- SueB of sueblondin.blogspot.com

CONGRATULATIONS, SueB!!!!! Send me your snail mail addy (my email is rubyslippers@neofast.net) and I will get your package out to you.

Thanks to all of you for the awesome tips. I also, so very much enjoyed finding all your blogs and adding them to my favorites!! If you have not read all the tips in the comments section of the Sept. 29 Blog Candy original post, I would highly recommend it. There are some really great tips I had never thought of or heard of located there.

Paper Trey Case--Kinda

I saw a Paper Trey Card I liked, but I owned none of the stamps so substituted Heidi Grace and SU, and got kinda the same look.

Cool Cat and Carved and Candlelit

All SU stamps except for sentiment which is by Impress. I used Judikins Colordusters to dust color around the images. This was all done on white cardstock.