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MISTI in the House! Review

My MISTI arrived just over an hour ago and I am mesmerized. This tool can be seen here:


It does everything as promised and is well made and light. I get excellent impressions and you truly can add ink over and over re-imprint stamps without a single sign of double stamping. It works great for multi-step stamping, die cut placement (check out her other videos at her blog), ombre stamping, and more. My cards are going to be done so much more accurately, with nicer impressions, and EASE!  After one hour, I can truly say it is the Most Incredible Stamping Tool Invented!
And no more splotchy backgrounds!
I ink my backgrounds 2-3 times and the result looks like perfectly printed designer paper!
Same ink, same stamp, same paper. Left is without MISTI, and right is with MISTI stamped twice!

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Christmas Home Tour for Farmhouse Crafters Group

An online group of friend have asked that we each post 8-12 holiday home photos and so here are mine:

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Envelope Idea

Stamp a coordinating image in light gray and you can put the address in black right over the top if needed.

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Intricate Die Cut Frustrations?


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Using Your Dies as Stamps


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Winter Fun

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Holly Jolly

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If You Are an Avid Stamper----

---you have got to see this new device:


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Holly Jolly!

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Baby Girl

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Blue Skies