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Hug in a Mug

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Let It Glow

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Hug in a Mug

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I am Mesmerized by this Blogger's Coloring!

Check it out:  http://cartwaycards.blogspot.co.uk

Winter Die Cuts


Happy Holidays

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Selling Stuff

I turn over my dies and stamps rapidly and when I do I put them for sale at Paper Crafts Buying and Selling on FB. Put that title in the search and ask to join. It is a great group.

More Christmas Cards

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Up and Away!

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One of the BEST TIPS Ever for Intricate Dies


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Ho Ho Ho

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For Sale--lightly used

If you want this die (I have 2) email me at donnacoffeen@gmail.com with your email and I will invoice you through Paypal. US sales only. Payment expected within 24 hours of invoice. $9 plus 2.99 shipping.

Snow Globe

North Pole

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Fall Floral

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Selling Used and New Craft Items

Paper Crafts Buying and Selling  (where I will be selling craft items)  on Facebook. Put it in the search and ask to join!

Great Place to Find Gently Used Items

Lynn is a Facebook friend who is honest and sells stamping supplies on FB. Check her out at:  www.facebook.com/groups/2062896732442640/

Cold Hands

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Wishing You

The Unbranded Die Controversy

Most stampers and die cutters are now aware that dies can be purchased directly from China. Many of them are very similar to branded dies, partially because almost all branded dies are made in China to begin with (there are a few exceptions). People who are willing to wait 3-6 weeks for a die can often save unto 90% over the branded die. (aliexpress is probably the most popular online source)

The US stamp companies like Hero Arts, MFT, etc. are upset because this cuts deeply into their profits.

I understand people wanting to buy American, but I also understand that dies that can now cost $30-40 a set are out of the range of most people's budgets. When you have to pay $40 to $90 for a stamp/die combo set, when you can get the same set for $4 from China, I think it is expected that most people will go for the lesser cost, particularly when the quality of the stamps and dies are exactly the same. Sometimes the sizes vary a little bit according to those who buy often and compare.

The argument against buying these is that it is unfair to the US companies and that with capitalism it is not wrong to mark up  something that cost the local company 50 cents to  have produced in China to $25 and make a $24.50 profit off the customers who will not buy from China. The manufacturers in China make the same amount presumably selling to companies that resell as they make directly from the consumer. Therefore this is not an issue of taking jobs from Americans at all.

The argument for is that someone is getting ripped off and it should not always be the consumer.  When these companies charge an outrageous amount on a product that cost them a few cents, it still is the consumer getting screwed---not the company as they claim. I see the companies as having got so exceptionally greedy that they set themselves up for this and as loudly as they scream, they kind of put themselves in this position and are not willing to back their prices  down to compete.

When dies first came out I paid about $5 a die. One of those same dies was retired and brought back and the company charges $22 for that same die now. These dies are clearly manufactured in China.

I can see both sides to this and I guess in this case it depends whether you want the savings to go to the corporation or to the individual.