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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A MUST read letter to the SU company

I always read Joan's blog and I agree with every word in her letter to the SU company. Check it out!


I still cannot make clickable links within text, but there is one for Paperlicious, Joan's blog, on the left side if you scroll down.


Paulie said...

This is how you make a link within your post--it is jsut a little html to post within the entry:

< a href = "put the url of your link here beginning with the http:// Be sure to delete what I am saying after the " and include " at the end of it before you close it with >Then name it in all caps to catch the eye of viewers and clsoe it with < / a >

I hope this works -- if not I will try using more spaces. OK it didn't work because they think I am using broken h t m l so will try this way. I could do this easier if I had an email to send to.

Jackie said...

I saw her post and totally agree with it - it would have been nice if Susan had left the discussion on Gingerwood as well - I saw the subject lines just before she took them down. Ah well, it's her board and she can do as she pleases.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Susan took that post down. I don't see anything wrong with you posting a link to Joan's blog.
And I think Donna B. was a little harsh.
I didn't agree with everything Joan had written. But that's her opinion. Like it or not I respect that. Ü