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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Answering Questions

Q-I notice you are stamping more and more with clear stamps. Do you still prefer red rubber or have you made the switch?

A-You are right. I am stamping more and more with clear. I LOVE the ability to position. It makes me braver in trying new and creative things. The single factor of being able to see through my stamps has made stamping so much more fun for me. I am buying more and more from companies that offer unmounted red rubber, although if they offered the same thing in quality clear I would buy those. My current priority list, provided I love the images is to buy quality clear first over unmounted rubber. If I cannot get that I will take unmounted red rubber over mounted. I now only buy mounted if I have to have the set and there is no other close option elsewhere.

Q-How do you store your clear stamps?

A-I store them in CD cases with the center piece removed and the tabs popped out. With the thin clear stamps you can put them on both sides of the inside of the case. Since I purposely stain all my clear stamps with a permanent black like Palette Noir or Stazon Black, I have no need to put an index card in the case! Much easier and I can store over 30 stamps in one case!

Q-I notice your link to Joan's thread on the GW board was pulled. Why do you think they did this?

A-I have no idea. Before I left for work there was one rather semi-furious response. I saw nothing after that. Possibilities: Maybe dissention is not OK there, maybe it was the personal attack one person made, maybe after I went to work the thread really went south. The letter is still being discussed at SCS and the comments on Joan's blog are VERY interesting. I wish GW had allowed us to discuss this issue as it appears from the chatboards, comments, etc. that there are hundreds of women who would love to be allowed to discuss this topic. Since I have not heard anything from the Gingerwood owner, I can only speculate.

Q-I see you are really branching out. What can we expect in the future?

A-In addition to building my clear stamp collection (Paper Trey, Crafty Secrets, Heidi Grace, Autumn Leaves, Technique Tuesday, and others), I am currently waiting for an order from Verve Visual, Sideshow, and TAC. I bought TAC a couple of years ago, but only recently saw a current catalog and few of those sets jumped out at me and you just cannot beat those prices. I also like the brand new CTMH catalog and may be tryiing some of those as the fall moves on and my budget allows.

Q-Whose blogs do you read all the time?

A-The list is absolutely huge and when I get time I will be adding to the Favorite Places list of links on the left of my blog. I absolutely adore everything Joan and Nichole do and both of their blogs are linked. I also have Denise's blog linked. If you want to see my very favorites, check out my old blog at the yahoo link (see at the left) and use the many, many links there to find my favorites. I promise to work on this in the near future. There are some fantastic bloggers out there and I would love to have them all linked. I have been having some really painful shoulder problems and typing exacerbates it and so I have limited my computer time.

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marciad said...

I must chime in here about Joan's blog and GW. I was hoping it would be pulled as it was getting nasty. Joan is out of town and has left the board before because of caustic remarks. Would hate to see her blindsided by some of the gals ranting. Know you were only trying to expand horizons. Interestingly, the comments about her letter on SCS were mainly positive--at least when I read them
and that's a very SU oriented site.