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Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Back to School MFT Card

The top strip is a piece of ribbon. Image is watercolored. I freehanded the wood floor but my son says it looks like she is on Noah's Ark.

For the person who asked why these cards are headless--it is because it is the style of the artist who designs the stamps. I love the idea that the teacher could be anyone and am not fond of cartoon stamps. This way you can imagine for yourself who the person is. I hope she makes more sets!


Anonymous said...

The card is cute but I am bothered by the teacher with no head. Why doesn't her face show?

Cindy H. said...

Cute card! I like how you used the ribbon - good idea.

BTW, have I been living in a fog or did you become a Design Team Member for Rubber Stamping Fun recently? I just noticed the notation on your blog. Congrats! if it's a new assignment - if it's not recent - my bad, I guess I haven't been paying close enough attention, lol!

Jane said...

I'm not fond of the headless stamps. Some are ok (like the ones with them shopping) because it looks like they are focusing on a certain area of the body. But this one in particular just looks like they lopped the head off. Decapitated teacher...story at 9. Although it'd be great for a teacher with a comment like "ever had one of THOSE days". ;-)