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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cutting EZ Mount Like Butter!

I bought this Walnut Hollow Creative Hot Knife for Women at Michaels for $14.99. It is one of the best purchases I have ever made. It includes a metal stand and 2 blades.

Yesterday I mounted 55 stamps using this and it was not only the easiest mounting job I have ever done, but the nicest looking, and kind of fun to do too!

This knife heats to 900 degrees and will cut the EZ mount around the pretrimmed rubber. I will include a link to a tutorial at the end of my review.

I had no trouble avoiding undercuting, cutting in small areas, or going around curves. You want to let the knife do the work by melting and not by dragging it to cut like you would an exacto knife. You must be sure to allow 5 minutes for heating. When you first heat it the smell is nasty. That goes away with each subsequent use. If the smell of the mounting foam, which is mild, bothers you, you may want to allow for more ventilation.

The directions say to use a tempered glass mat. My husband suggested the back of a glass cake pan as it is tempered for heat already. It worked beautifully.

Be sure to remove the backing paper and stick the non-sticky side of the foam right to the dish. The paper won't cut with the hot blade. Also be sure to cut your stamps closely, more closely than ever, since this tool cuts perfectly. The rubber will not melt and you don't have to worry about it at all as you go around the foam.

Stampinjay at Gingerwood suggested taping the stand to your glass pan/mat to keep it in place so this extremely hot tool does not fall onto your lap or leg. This tool is potentially very dangerous and you really need to keep it away from any possiblity of a child trying to use it.

Photo tutorial of this process is found here:

You can see a photo tutorial at Sunday International.


Joan said...

Not another tool!! LOL This sounds great. I'm always glad to hear a review from a fellow stamper. I wonder what else we could do with it. I guess paper would burn?

Donna said...
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Rose said...

I just picked it up from Joann.com, I'm anxious to try it out!