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Saturday, June 16, 2018

SU Lawsuit Against Chinese Craft Items

" The suit was withdrawn by Stampin’ Up! at the end of May for unknown reasons."
Direct sales company Stampin’ Up! is suing Chinese ecommerce site Alibaba over alleged rampant copyright infringement on its site. Many U.S-based stamp companies have long been frustrated that U.S. consumers searching for lower prices are all too often buying lower-priced counterfeits from Alibaba sellers. This issue frequently sparks controversy on stamping boards on places like Facebook, where Alibaba is invariably brought up as an answer in response to those seeking low-priced shopping options.
In an attempt to curtail the flood counterfeits of their designs on Alibaba, Stampin’ Up! filed suit in Utah Federal District Court in April against Alibaba Hong Kong and several individual sellers on the platform. The suit alleged, among other things, that Alibaba willfully turned a blind eye to rampant copyright violations taking place on its platform and did not do enough to track down and remove offending products.
This isn’t the first time that Stampin’ Up has taken legal action to protect their copyrights. They are currently engaged in a nearly two-year-old copyright infringement suit against ten John Doe sellers on Shopify. Stampin’ Up! was recently awarded a default judgement against one seller in the case for infringing on four of the company’s product copyrights. The company was awarded $3,000 in statutory damages and $25,197.73 in attorney’s fees from that seller by the court.

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