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Monday, February 11, 2008

Sneak Peeks--Fun or Manipulation

I just had the most interesting online discussion with some stamping friends. Some love that companies like Paper Trey have a rather drawn out release. They like the hints, and clues, and daily bits and pieces that can be put together to figure out what the company will soon release.

A couple of the ladies though are feeling manipulated. They say they hate this kind of marketing. Interesting to me, because I never really felt manipulated. I do sometimes wish I didn't have to wait until late at night to get my next clue (why do they do these late at night anyway?) but I kind of enjoy the anticipation. This month Paper Trey started the releases of bits of info and pictures on the 4th of Feb. instead of the 10th, drawing it out over 11 days rather than 5. These 2 stampers said this was the point at which they realized they were no longer having fun, but felt more like "puppets on a string" to quote one of them. I am not sure--do these techniques create more impulse buying the instant the products are released after a huge build up over days? Is it a marketing technique to make people buy everything all at once or is it just a fun way to introduce products? I am not sure.

One stamper said that on another site people were wanting a button that just said "Give me everything you are releasing new tonight" so that they don't have to rush around pushing buttons for each individual product in order to be first on the shipping list and to be sure the company doesn't run out of product.

What do you think?

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