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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Answering Questions

Q-How do you get your 3 step Kitchen Sink flowers to line up?

A-I figured them out once and then used a black sharpie on them to mark 2 black arrows on each stamp. Works like a dream.

Q-Where did you get the baby rick rack?

A-JoAnn had several colors and I bought some in a scrap store. I paid triple per yard at the scrap store until I figured out that JoAnn had it.

Q-What stamp cleaner do you use?

A- Baby wipes and Ultra Clean (safe for clear stamps)

Q-Did you get any new Cuttlebug embossing folders?

A-Should be here by mid week!

Q-Why do you like Caran d' Arche watercolor crayons over SU.

A-Price was the main thing, but the set I have has all the basic colors in one tray. I didn't need all the variations of color because they mix so well that I can make any color with them. I like the way they blend. They are about same quality as SU but I think they blend a little more smoothly.

Q-What do you think of the new Paper Trey colors?

A-I really dislike the moss green. I cannot figure out if I like the other color or not. If it leans more toward Carribean and less toward Mint Melody, I will probably like it. I am waiting for the verdict from someone who can do an actual comparison in real life.

Q-Where do you buy your gingham ribbon?

A-Walmart and/or JoAnn. Looks like the same stuff at both places for the same prices. I can get different colors at both places.

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