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Monday, September 9, 2013

Silhouette Part 2

I spent a good part of the weekend learning to use the Designer Studio Software with my Cameo. It was well worth the effort. I am now importing SVGs with ease and cutting, resizing, etc. with good results almost every time. It is becoming more intuitive.  I am going to be more likely to take on more complicated things because the machine does a lot of the work that I used to avoid. I am impressed that it has consistency that the other machines lacked. It is much, much more precise.

I am finding out that Papertrey cardstock (and I have a ton) doesn't cut as easily as SU or other brands. If the item is intricate I cut the PTI card twice. I love the accuracy of cutting twice unlike previous machines I used.

Pinterest gave some hints to give my mats new life by washing an overused one and then using repositional glue to make it sticky again. If you do this, be sure to allow it to set 24 hours and use scrap paper on it the first 2 times you use it to make sure it is not too sticky. I like to use several mats when cutting so I can get the next one pre-loaded and keep my assembly line going.

In the previous post I did not mention the Silhouette Online store and have to say that they have great things at good prices when you are looking for files.  That $10 download store card that you get with the machine is great. The first few days I wanted the ease of buying and having it automatically show up in my library. I expected that importing would be complicated, but fortunately once you have done it it is quite simple.

Once I find a good place to store my photos, I will start linking pictures of what I make.

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