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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to Eat Loads and Stay Slim

 I just finished this today. Really good book, full of excellent tips. It is not a diet, but rather a way to change your relationship with food. The authors are from the UK and a number of things were a little sketchy due to their terminology. Crisps, chips, crackers, all seem to be different things. Fries, potatoes, crisps, chips, jackets all seem to be different things. The use of the word "ringing" toward the end really flummoxed me. But, the book was quite useful and well worth the $2.99. Some of the snack ideas are really great. I did not try the oil part of the diet as it just seemed to strange to me, but I have to say I am intrigued with the idea, if I could get up my courage.

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