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Monday, September 23, 2013

Amazing or Ordinary?

How would I explain my day to a person living 100 years ago? The following would make no sense and amazes me when I stop to think.

Today I got up and drove in for an MRI. When I got there I had to remove my hearing implant, called a BAHA. On the way home I stopped for contact lens supplies. I was glad I had downloaded books to my Kindle from Amazon so I had books to read while I waited for the MRI. When I got home, I needed a few things so I ordered items online with PRIME and they will be in my hands, from across the US, in 2 days. One of the items I ordered a couple of days ago was an electronic item that cleans my floors. Then after a nice lunch from the microwave, I spent some time updating my blog and using my Cameo (electronic cutting machine) by downloading cut files on my computer after spending sometime online in a chat room getting some information. I ran into a problem so I contacted Cameo tech support by email and within minutes they had solved my problem.Then I decided to watch Netflix through the Wii system my sons set up and found myself crying over episode 10 of "Lockdown". When I stop to think about my "ordinary" day, it amazes me.

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