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Friday, August 29, 2008

Let's Inundate this Man with Handmade Cards

I saw this on GW board this AM and completely agree! Please join us in sending cards to this man!

: Subject: Chuck Bell our local NBC News Weather Dude

: Hello all my creative friends,

: Meet Chuck Bell - he's the early morning weather dude on Channel 4 news many
: weekdays. The other day there was a story about how mail has reduced so
: much that the US Post Office is removing some neighborhood mail boxes -
: keeping only one per mile.

: When they went to the weather just after that story, Chuck made the comment
: that he loves to send cards to friends and family and that he really wants
: regular mail to stay around because the card artists are so important to
: him!

: (You gotta love that! I say we send him some cards to thank you for the shout out! Info is below if you want to send him a little something. I'm sure it'll surprise him. Let's give a little RAK to the weather dude.)

: News4 WRC-TV4

: Attn: Chuck Bell
: 4001 Nebraska Avenue, N.W.
: Washington, D.C. 20016

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