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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Answering Questions about My New Craft Room

People have asked for sources:

Paint: Behr from Home Depot in a custom mixed yellow.
Flooring: Pergo in Virginia Walnut from Home Depot
Counters: Wilson Art with rolled edges purchased at Home Depot. They are NOT solid black as they appear in some photos. They are a very dark gray with blakc and beige speckles.
Cabinets: KraftMaid from Home Depot (priced them a Lowe's but they were considerably more there).
Chair: from Staples
Nestie Storage: Magnetic vent covers from Bed, Bath, and Beyond attached with Velcro tape from JoAnn

Q- Is there anything I would do differently or would absolutely do again?

A-I cannot think of anything I would change. I was disappointed that we could not get a drawer for the lower corner cabinet, but my husband is going to build me one himself. I would absolutely go with the yellow walls again in this soft yellow. I live in an area with a very gray winter and learned several years ago that painting my bedroom yellow made things seem so much brighter and cheerier without being too much. Love the flooring, but have become a complusive dust mopper---just my own desire. I am very glad I paid more the for better counter tops. They look wonderful, wipe down nicely, and I love the rolled edge fronts. The cabinets are extremely well made in every way. My husband is a very particular carpenter and even he thinks they are outstanding quality and workmanship. I love the silent close drawer feature that is now standard on this brand. I bought the right amount--not too crowded, but with plenty of storage in the right dimensions for my needs. I am very thrilled that I went with the 34" cabinets along one wall. I love standing there to work and my kitchen bar stools are perfect if I want to have people over to stamp and use that area while seated. I LOVE all the counter space. It really does make stamping more fun if you are not bunched up with supplies on top of you, LOL! I also appreciate several of you who suggested to forgo the lazy susan feature for the corner cabinets. It has given me about double-plus the space I would have had and I just put seldom used items way in the back and keep a little flashlight down there to help see what is there.

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