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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Timeless Templates by Lauren Meader

I finally decided to try one of Lauren's templates which can be purchased for $5 for downloading. While watching American Idol last night I decided to try one. They can be purchased at Papertrey (click the title of this post to link).

I have been hesitant to purchase templates due to bad experiences with templates that were too complicated to complete or ones that are not accurate and square. I also much admit, I may be the challenged one with this sort of thing.

The great news is that Lauren's templates are extremely easy to follow. I purchased All Boxed Up, printed them out and in under 10 minutes (!!!!) had completed the basic item. I am now having a blast decorating it. It is completely accurate and a no-brainer when it comes to where to cut, fold, or glue. It is absolutely square and came out perfectly.

The dream come true with these downloadable templates is that I can print them instantly on my colored cardstock and cut them out without having to find a plastic template and get it traced accurately. If you wanted to mass produce these, the hard work is already done. All you have to do is assemble. IMO, they are flawless, not to mention just adorable when it comes to the design and how these templates can be used.

Be sure to click on the ideas that come with the download.

You can be sure I will be buying more of these. You pay for them and download and have it in your hot little hands within minutes. No waiting for it to mail and no shipping costs either. Genius!

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