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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The New Dazzle Versamark Pads?

Not at all thrilled here. Mine was so dry it barely worked and I did not want to spent the outrageous $9 for a refill to make it work. Instead I added just enough clear Versamark to wet it up and it works equally well as that of my friend's who was very juicy to begin with.

That being said, it just is not what I expected. You get so much more sparkle with Shimmerz in Angel Wings (that is the color) that I use that much, much more. Also the Stardust pens give more bang for the buck for small areas.

I really don't know anyone who has been thrilled with this product. It was expensive and is for sure a product I would never have purchased had I known how little "dazzle" you really get. I have the Frost one, but people say the Champagne is about the same quality.

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