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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thumbs Up and a Wishy Washy One

Thumbs up for Firecracker Designs. I found some lovely very 50's retro stamps of Christmas Ornaments there. They are good quality stamps. I had them in just under 3 business days for only $2.50 for shipping. Communication was good. We had a little mix up but within a couple of hours of emailing Pamela had it all fixed and was so very nice about it. These stamps just thrill me because they are exact replicas of ornaments we had as children.

Thumbs---well, hmmmm, for Flourishes. I ordered the night before their sale as soon as they opened for selling. I forgot an item and emailed and they said no problem. They told me to order the other one and and they would combine the shipping and then refund me for the second shipping charge. I did not get the refund for close to 2 weeks and finally emailed. They then took care of it as they had "forgotten". They took care of it right away when I brought it to their attention. The package though, shipped parcel post (sigh) for $6 and took 2 weeks to arrive. For $6, they could have EASILY shipped this small package for flat rate priority for around $5, but they instead sent it the cheapest and slowest way even though I did not get free shipping (could kind of understand that but I think they should be up front if it is free shipping). I got really impatient and emailed them and asked very direct questions about the parcel post and why it came that way when I paid hefty shipping. They answered the part about my refund, but very carefully said not a word about their shipping issue. I was not happy. Stamps arrived in good shape and I am happy with that, but if you see my earlier post today you will see how I feel about the shipping issue.

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