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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time for Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down


Close to My Heart--I have not bought their stamps for years after a really bad experience years ago when they first went to acrylic. Within a few months my stamps were mush. They were sticky and gooey from the first moment I got them, but my lack of knowledge about clear stamps did not give me any reason to be alarmed. Not long ago I bought 3 sets and they ink well and I am very impressed with them. Good stamps in a good quantity in each set for a reasonable price. I would say they are close to Papertrey in my estimation.

Impress Rubber Stamps: They take returns of markers and reinkers without question. I am always pleased with how they treat customers when I am in any of their stores.

Paper Source--Oh, my goodness!! If you get to Bellevue, WA, you MUST go into this store. It was paradise!


Hanna Stamps: Love the stamps, but if you frequent the Gingerwood board you will see a copy of an email sent to a customer who dared to inquire about her missing stamps. These companies have no idea when they drop the ball like this just how many customers will lose faith.

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