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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly--products and vendors--no holds barred!

I wish more stampers and scrappers would tell us what works and what doesn't, who gives good service and who does not. I am hoping other bloggers might consider doing this so we can be better consumers. I also like to give credit where credit is due!


Just Rite Stampers Company- I ordered several products through a vendor. 2 arrived missing small items. I emailed the company and had an answer within 12 hours that they had sent the missing parts. They then sent an invoice showing they had been shipped and less than 48 hours later I had the missing pieces. Superior customer service!

Taylored Expressions- Very fast shipping, accurate order, well packaged. http://www.tayloredexpressions.com/

Stamping Cottage--Best prices I have found on Just Rite products. Very fast shipping (free with a certain amount), accurate order, well packaged. http://stampingcottage.com/

Second Childhood Creations--All stamps 30% off for the next couple of days. You won't find better service, responses to email, and overall good quality than Cherylynn. I met Cherylynn on the GW board and she always has great deals. She also ships quickly. http://www.2ndchildhoodstore.com/servlet/StoreFront

Merri Artist--Best price I have ever found on Ciao Copics. Fast ship, excellent packaging, and they are not that far from me so I feel I am helping out a NW store. merriartist.com/


Serendipity Stamps--On Oct. 22 I placed an order for $6 worth of unmounted stamps. Shipping was $5, but I really wanted the stamps and figured it would just mean a fast ship. With unmounted stamps it would simply mean a first class envelope. On November 1 I had still not recieved any information that they had shipped at all. I email them. No answer. I emailed again Nov. 4 and no answer until yesterday. They had taken 2 weeks to even get them sent out. They must have sent them on the slow boat to China because they mailed them Monday and I still have no tracking information and no stamps have arrived. I like their images, but the slow responses, the fact I had to contact twice, and 2 weeks to even send them out is not satisfactory. As far as I know they were not backordered or anything like that. I will let you know when they arrive. For $5 shipping and handling for a tiny packet, I expect better service.

Papertrey Simple Alphabet Stamps--These clear stamps are neither centered horizontally or vertically making them extremely hard to get even close to straight looking. I am disappointed in them.


Just Rite Stampers Stamps---Still not sure. I love the possiblities, but these things require a magnifying glass, tweezers, a very, very clean area as they are nearly impossible to find if you drop them, and they have required lots of conditioning so far to get a good impression. On the other hand, the concept is genius and the possibilities are endless. Will let you know when my learning curve is past.

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