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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Inking Parts of Just Rite Stampers

I am having a grand time with my Just Rite stamps. The centers and borders are great fun, but I found myself frustrated by having to either ink the whole thing in one color, or punch out parts and layer, or color with a marker.

Tonight I figured out that I can stamp the center first and then attach the border to a clear block with double stick tape and stamp the border in a different color since I can see through the block to position it. It has made things a lot easier.

I also want to give some praise to the company. I was missing 2 items in each of 2 sets. They replied to my email within hours, sent out replacments in under 12 hours, sent me a copy of the slip showing they did that, and the pieces arrived 48 hours later. Service that was superior!!

Also, just a note. These stamps take quite a bit of conditioning to get a nice imprint, but once you have used a fine nail buffer and an eraser on them, they work fine. They work especially well with chalk inks.

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