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Saturday, July 21, 2007


As my other blog neared 100,000 views I needed to reaccess. I have many daily readers and some have told me that the yahoo blog no longer worked with Google Reader and would I please consider moving my blog. So, here I am. I am going to keep both blogs going until further notice. I want to find out if this one works as easily as the other one for me. I am not good with technical computer stuff, so I don't want to make the move final for now. Hang in there with me and we will see where this goes.

NOTE: For more Ruby Slippers and over 300 card/stamping photos, go to http://blog.360.yahoo.com/rubyslippers74


Anonymous said...

Three cheers! I never did like the 360°. I made an account with them so I could comment on your blog, but I don't use it (I have no blog) for anything other than that and found it inconvient to keep logging on and off just to say "I love your cards! - which I do :) This is so much easier. I also found you cannot get rid of the 360°!! So I'm hoping Yahoo! dumps mine for inactivity. Sorry for such a long comment.

Paulie said...

So, if you leave the yahoo 360 degrees one, does that mean all those of us who connected to you will have our 'circle ' broken also?

Remember yahoo 360 is still in beta . . . it can only get better. There are many ways for one to comment on that blog if one chooses to do so.

Of course, i am kinda prejudiced about the google blog because i was writing in it before google even bought it from the owners/originators.

Google doesn't show 'friends' of the blogger either.

just soem things to think about.

I also hate having to type in some letters to prove i am not a machine spamming your site. YOu can get the comments moderated and they appear with your approval. . . that's what i do now. it isn't hard. just go t blogger Dashboard when your email says there are comments needing approval and check them off and upload them.

Anonymous said...

Hurray! At last I can leave comments! Thank you so much; this is so great. There are so many cards that I wanted to comment on with your other blog but couldn't do so. I'm voting for this blog!

Anonymous said...

always love looking at your work and staying in touch.

Jan W.

Joan said...

Hi Donna, glad to see the switch. I have a MAC and downloading and switching to Firefox Mozilla server took about 20 seconds and works with blogspot much better than safari does. good luck

Denise Bryant (imchatty) said...

Since I just moved from Yahoo 360 myself I will tell you that my favorite part of Blogger is having choices....esp making multiple blogrolls and templates for uploading pics. I also like the way you can monitor the comments. BTW, you don't have to have the word verification set to on...I have not had trouble with mine being off. Have fun and play with it!

Email me if you need set up help...you know personalizing your blog with a header and stuff...I made my own.

Laurene said...

Thanks for moving your blog! Now I can add you to my blog list of "Love To Visit" I couldn't do that before. I also couldn't leave comments on your other blog. Thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you moved here, but reading on 360 didn't stop me either. I'm mostly a reader and not a poster. I know bad bad, but there are times when I have something to say, like now. Thank you for thinking of us, your readers.