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Monday, July 23, 2007

Ruby Slippers

I have been asked to post this card on this blog by a person who cannot access my old blog! Sooo, here it is!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs C.,
Is there any way to make the photos bigger on this blog like they are on your previous blog? Also, why getting to 100,000 matters on the other blog? Just curious! Ann in IL - Gingerwood

Donna said...

Reply to Ann from Mrs.C

The intial postings are actually bigger. The recent ones are the same size. I am not sure why the last couple got a little bit smaller, but they are the biggest option.

I just got to the place where I had had enough conversations with readers that I wanted to make it easier for them. It was just a place where I "took note" so to speak.

Kathy W said...

I love The Wizard of Oz too. Thanks for emailing the template on the shirts. Hope to save those to use with kids in my classroom sometime.