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Monday, December 23, 2013

Things I Wish I Had Bought More Of

1-I have some wooly feeling socks that are not wool. They are the warmest coziest socks to wear to bed. They are also not at all tight on the tops. I have 3 pair (although one pair has some holes now) and have never found anything close. I wish I had bought 7 or 8 pair. I wear them to bed every night all winter long.

2-My Christmas dishes. I have 12 sets and wish I had bought 16. Same goes for napkins, napkin rings, and place mats. They are impossible to find and Replacements, Inc. says they have not had one in a couple of years. They go for such high prices on ebay ($80 for a single plate now). I bought them at 70% off (they were regularly $10 a plate and I got them for $3)  years back and never saw them anywhere again.

3-A set of pretty glass coasters. I am down to 4.

4-2 more pair of my favorite PJ's. I have 2 sets and wish I had 2-3 more. The tops and bottoms are interchangeable. They are warm, but not too warm. And they look pretty decent if you get caught wearing them at 11AM.

5-My favorite hair color is no longer sold. I have bought up all that I have found, but am down to the last 5.

6-An oversized bag that matches my winter coat. Wish I had 2 of them.

7-Mat strips for my favorite paper cutter. They are no longer made.

8-More Cranicot juice. Loved that stuff and they suddenly quit making it. I wish I had had a stock on hand. Same goes for the sparkling mango bottled beverage that Costco carried for one season.

9-Some Pottery Barn ornaments I got a few years back. Should have bought a dozen.

10-Some reading glasses that are super light that they don't make any more.

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