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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Things That I Think Are Worth Buying Top of the Line

1-Love my Mint Floor cleaner that dust mops and mops (see previous review). I paid $140 for the white model and it is worth 3 times that.

2-Really good quality sheets. I buy the top end of Land's End.

3-Really good quality towels. They last so  much longer. I also buy these at Land's End.

4-Nice toilet paper. In the last few years I have found this luxury is worth it.

5-Great smelling liquid hand soap. I love Caldrea Mandarin Vetiver and buy it on Amazon in the quart size.

6-A farmhouse size kitchen sink. It is so great for hiding dishes, washing huge items, etc.

7-A really good neck pillow. Got mine at Costco.

8-Sofas. They stay comfortable.

9-Excellent mattress in King size. I need the comfort.

10-A really warm, good quality robe for winter.

11-Comfortable shoes are worth the cost.

12-A Garmin. Makes me feel safe to know where I am in a big city.

13-Sharp kitchen knives.

14-Teeth whitening kit from the dentist. I found the over the counter ones to work slowly and to cause tooth pain.

15-Best dentist, eye dr. and physicians for the situation. We go to Seattle to U of WA Medical Center for my ears and to Virginia Mason for Jon's Parkinson's. Well worth the money and the travel to get cutting edge care and experienced drs.

16-A good office chair lasts longer, looks better, and feels good on your back.

17-A Mac computer.

18-Kindle Fire for my books. I love having it with me all the time. It has taken the pain out of waiting at appts., etc.

19-Tweezerman tweezers.

20-Good hairspray, mousse, etc. as well as a good haircut (I really think you get what you pay for).

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