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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Best Purchases of 2009 for My Stamping

A reader emailed me and reminded me that I used to review products more often and asked if I would do that again. So, here goes.

The best new toy of the year for me was a Slice Machine. It is a very portable, light, user friendly die cutter. I am enjoying it very much. I had some calibration problems with it but the company talked me through and it is fine now. The cards are inexpensive if you use a Michael's coupon or buy them on ebay (I got several amazing deals this way).

I am also thrilled with my Martha Stewart embossed button punch, as well as the deep edgers I am just starting to use.

Other than that, my ATG and Cuttlebug still hold the top places in my heart and I would replace either in an instant, if they wore out on me.

I cannot really say I had any bad experiences with products this year. I have purchased far less stamps, but am thrilled with Waltzingmouse stamps and service. I would say this is my current favorite company. Instead of stamps, I purchased more paper (right, like I needed to, LOL) and really got into punched borders. I continue to be happy with Copic pens once I got practiced with them.

My favorite Cuttlebug folder of the year is the rosebud one. Thanks to Joyce (across the pond--GW) I am having a delightful time with this gift she sent me from Europe!

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