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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Surgery Update

Jon is now in OR. Surgery is scheduled to begin momentarily. Everything is going well. He did well on all pre-op tests yesterday and his ear infection is gone, although some ear congestion remains but is not a concern. My sister, Diana, arrived safely and is here with me. They expect surgery to be done early afternoon. He had a CAT scan before and will have another while he is still under anesthesia when they are finished to make sure there is no bleeding. He will have an MRI tomorrow to check again for bleeding and to make sure the probes are completely in place. They tell us this surgery is fairly painless, but the one next week will require narcotics for several days for the pain of the wires being run down his neck to the processor.

They have a screen here in the waiting room and give us a number. The screen shows each step of the way where he is in the process (in surgery, surgery complete, recovery room, etc.)

Will update again later.

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