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Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Hints for Creating a Stamp Room

1-If you get corner cupboards, do NOT put in the lazy susan inserts as it wastes way too much storage space.

2-Rolled edges on your laminate countertops are more than worth it. When doing repetetive work the squared corners can rub against your wrists making blisters. Also they just look so nice.

3-Buy drawers that hold at least 40 pounds weight each. I love the soft close feature and the rollers that allow the drawer to come entirely out the the end of the frame so that even the back is easy to access.

4-Buy good lighting.

5-Put in LOTS of outlets--way more than you think you could possibly need.

6-Counter height for some of your surfaces will save your back and your neck.

7-Quality is worth the extra $.

8-LOVE my Pergo floor and I have already spilled permanent ink twice and it literally wiped up with a single baby wipe.

9-Make the walls a cheery color but one that won't cast odd color on your work. My friend has an olive green room and everything in that room looks a bit green.

10-Consider where computer/TV/stereo needs to go and then work around that.

11- Put handles that are easy to grab, even with damp hands, on all cabinetry.

12-Think about where you will do your cutting, where your trash will go, and what items need to be right near you.

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