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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Update on my Health

I got in to the ENT today and had the laryngoscopy done in the office. It was actually quite interesting to watch on the camera once I got over the tube going through my nose and down into my throat. Verdict is that he thinks I could have mild case of Sjogren's based on symptoms but that is not what is causing my hoarseness. He believes it is the combo of teaching 10 years year round, dry air conditions at work and everywhere, acid reflux, and who knows what all. I am on voice rest for at least 2 weeks, speech therapy during that time, very aggressive acid reflux treatment, and I have to have a microphone system in place before I go back to work. I am headed for blood work now to test for the auto-immune stuff and I have an appt. for Seattle in May about that. Good news is he thinks if I have it I have a very mild case I may have had for some time. For some people it never gets much worse and you learn to cope.

I see him again April 25 and he feels there is a good chance I will have responded. If not we go to Plan B, and I am not sure what that is.

Thanks for all the concern and prayers. Everyone has been wonderful.

Oh, yes, chocolate has been banned from my life!! Seriously, that is going to be rough.

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