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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Health Update

Scroll on by if you only want stamping here, but I have readers asking for an update. Good news--all blood work came back fine. The general test for auto-immune diseases came back negative. That is very good because it was mildly positive several years ago. That it has gone down is a very good sign, even though this test only shows up 70% of those with AI disorders. So while I am not totally out of the woods, this combined with several other things is looking positive. My dry mouth seems to be connected to my acid reflux. That was a symptom that was leading us to Sjogren's Syndrome. Now that it has been established as a direct connection to the reflux it lessens as an indicator of auto-immune. The punctal plugs I had put in my tear ducts over a week ago have helped so very much. I am at least 50% more comfortable on the bad days and about 80% more comfortable on the good days. All in all, that situation is now tolerable. Along with the testing there was a slight concern for diabetes. I was a gestational diabetic and both my parents were diabetics as well as several grandparents and great grandparents and a sister with insulin resistance. We ran tests for that and I came out exactly where I should be. I have permission to return to work on Monday which makes me very, very happy. I went down yesterday to set up some lesson plans and I was so happy to see my kids so excited that our regular routine will resume on Monday. I have all kinds of tricks up my sleeve so I don't strain my voice, including a microphone on a karaoke machine until the real sound system arrives. I am going to make it a game for them to help me use my voice as little as possible with rewards for them for helping me accomplish that. When I make things into a game they are far more cooperative with remembering. Although I got lots of rest, stamping, and some reading done, I very much want to get back to my normal routine, even if I do have to take it easy for awhile. I have at least a month of speech therapy ahead to help me conserve my voice until the underlying condition is more under control. Thansk for all your well wishes, cards, and even gifts. It has given me encouragement.

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