This blog is dedicated to stamping, tips, musings, and whatever I want to post. I want my cards to make you smile. You may copy, post, pin, anything you want. To me this is a sharing hobby.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Blog May Terminate at Some Point

I can no longer post photos because the 1 G for photos has been used up. I have a couple of months of scheduled posts that will post through early February. Due to the fact that they want to bill my credit card monthly for more space, I will probably find another option. I do not like the monthly charge and I don't trust companies who keep your credit card number on file to be stolen, or as in some cases, they will never quit charging you no matter how often you request. Anyway, this is the current situtaion. I will let you know if something changes. If you have any ideas, email me at rubyslippers@neofast.net