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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Amuse and Fresh Ink (Impress) Comparisons

Here are the comparisons and I will also post pictures below the notes I have made here. If you click and enlarge the pictures hopefully you can read the labels (thanks, Nancy!)

Amuse Sky and Fresh Ink Island are close with Island being a teensy bit more green.
Amuse Bermuda is about halfway between FI Island and FI Pool.
Amuse Eucalyptus is almost identical to FI Steel.
Amuse Ocean is a bit darker and a bit more turquoise than FI Sky.
Amuse Blueberry is about halfway between FI Capri ( little more gray) and FI Freesia (a tiny bit of lavender to Freesia)
Amuse Navy is close to FI Gypsy with the Navy being a bit richer in color.
I dont own any FI that are close to   Amuse Seattle or Amuse Rialto or Amuse Lichen. or Amuse Grape or Amuse Blackberry or Amuse Orange. or Amuse Watermelon or Amuse Titian.
Amuse Slate is a tiny bit darker than FI Slate.
Amuse Fern is a tiny bit lighter than FI Tusan Olive and Fern is a tiny bit more yellow.
Amuse Sage is close to FI Pear with Amuse Sage being a tiny bit more yellow.
Amuse Grass is very close to FI Basic with the Basil being a tiny bit more yellow.
Amuse Evergreen is close to FI Mojito with the Evergreen being a bit more of a true emerald green.
Amuse Heather Is close to FI Silver Lilac with the Heather being a tiny bit richer.
Amuse Lemon Whip is lighter and a more vanilla color than FI Chamomile
Amuse Buttercup is very close to FI Chamomile
Amuse Lido is lighter and a little more yellow than FI Harvest (which is more gold).
Amuse Papaya is close to FI Mango, but a bit lighter.
Amuse Apricot is much lighter than FI Ginger.
Amuse Bellini is darker and oranger than FI Mango.
Amuse Burano is a bit more orange than FI Strawberry (which is closer to being a red).
Amuse Cherry is close to FI Strawberry but a bit darker.
Amuse Currant is a bit lighter than FI Merlot, but pretty close.
Amuse Shell is a little lighter and a little less pink than FI Sugar
Amuse Grapefruti is darker than Lemonade and a teensy bit oranger.
Amuse Bubblegum is  much more neon than FI Fuchsia (which is a deeper truer Fuschia)
Amuse Squash is darker and slightly browner, but pretty close to FI Harvest.
Amuse Nutmeg is slightly redder than FI Cocoa.
Amuse French Roast is a deeper brown than FI Cocoa.
Amuse Onyx is almost identical to FI Black Tea.
Amuse Pebble is close to FI Provincial but a bit less gray.

Additionally, I have these FI colors that I don't have a match for in Amuse Ink samples:

Melon (an orangey pink)
Sicilian (a light  blue slightly grayed blue)
Blue Sage (a gray  that is slightly blue)
French Lacender ( a true lavender) 
Honey which is a pumpkin color but a teeny bit brownish)
Peach (which is a true peach and darker than Amuse Apricot by quite a lot and oranger.

Forgot Amuse Wasabi and I have nothing close to that, and Amuse Pistachio which is a truer mint color than FI Pear which is a bit more yellow.

The pictures below show very true colors. The large roses are the Fresh Ink and the smaller flowers are the Amuse.