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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Phases of a Stamper

1-Oh, that heat embossing is sure magical. I'd like to give it a try.

2-I think I should invest in a bit of this stamping stuff. Just think of how much money I will save making my own cards. Should be able to do it with 2-3 stamp sets and a bit of ink.

3-My cards would be so much nicer if I added a few things. I think I need some punches, and glitter, and some nice marking pens. Also, I need more colors of ink and a variety of cardstock.

4-Not so sure how much money this is going to save me. And those 2-3 sets don't begin to cover weddings, birthdays, graduations, Christmas, Get Well, not to mention basic all occasion cards. Not to mention that once I send a card to someone using a set they won't want to keep seeing that image over and over again.

5-I know I already have a dragonfly stamp but I like the size and design of this one too. How can owning 2 dragonfly stamps hurt?

6-They just keep coming out with so many new ideas and products and I cannot seem to help myself.

7-I think I need a stamp room.

8-Now that I have a stamp room I have room for more supplies and stamps. Who knew ribbon could take up so much space!

9-I had no idea there were so many companies out there.

10-Addicted to stamping blogs which FORCE me to buy new things so I can try the ideas.

11-Papertrey company knows me by first name.

12-Husband reminds me of when I was going to save money by making my own cards.

13-Need to expand the room. Need more room for the Slice, the Cuttlebug, the ScorePal, the Bind-It-All, the ink pad holder .

14-Dies are so much fun! They require lots and lots and lots of paper in drawers and drawers and drawers.

15-I was going to retire in a few years so I could stamp all the time, but I have to keep working to pay for my addiction.

Where will this end? I don't really care because after 17 years of stamping, I still love it.

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