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Sunday, December 26, 2010

FOR SALE******************************

**** Sale pending until payment complete on last one.

I have 3 boxes sealed and ready to go. They will be $10.70 priority ship each. Each box will be $48 and each box contains (at least these things if not more):

-1 new unopened set (not individuals thrown together) of 12-17 stamps in original package (unmounted)

-1 unopened Cricut accessory package that could be used without a Cricut

-1 unopened SU product

-1 unopened Fiskars product

-10-15 new rolls of ribbon or rolled embellishment items

1 or 2 Valentine embellishments

1 package of at least 5-10 new stamping basic items

1 package of unopened stickers

1 new Nesties (set) or Impressability or Spellbinders (set) item

2-3 new unopened Cuttlebug items (dies or folders)

At least 3 unopened packages (containing 4-12 items each) of embellishments

At least 2 other unopened products of some sort.

At least 12-20 other items (many of which are new or slightly used)

Each box contains only less than 5% of anything that could be considered Christmas only.

I have sealed them up (I have to do this as I pack them to keep me from not being able to part with them). Once I seal them I will not open them again to mourn the parting of these items therefore this is as specific as I can be, but before sealing, I double checked each box to make sure that these things were minimum in each box so that even if you order only 1 box you are guaranteed that the items listed above are inside. I will also say that one of the 3 boxes is worth over $225 based on something special I threw in. 50% of the money of this sale will go for prize items for contests for my classroom ( we hold a weekly contest) and the rest will go to pay for what I wildly spent today, LOL! Email me if interested. If you pay with Paypal (total of $58.70) when you are invoiced, they will go out in the next day's mail after I get payment.

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