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Saturday, November 14, 2009

My "Little Black Book"

After this many years of stamping, I have run into many online companies that are wonderful to work with and others that are a nightmare. I have decided to keep a list of companies I do not want to deal with as well as my top picks as it is getting confusing. This morning I received an email in response to an inquiry. I wanted to order a bare rubber unmounted stamp (in US) that was around $6. Because the company listed shipping at $5 I did what I always do--emailed and asked if they would adjust for actual shipping. I have never, ever been refused after being encouraged by other stampers to do this when purchasing a single non-wood mounted stamp. I got quite a snippy email back incensed that I would even ask. Another company off the list.

On the other hand, I am happy to report that all other companies with the exception with one who never answered and another that seemed confused by my request have all been willing to send a bare rubber stamp for $2 shipping or less.

I find shipping to be one of my annoyances. When ordering one 4 x 6 clear set, not in a CD and having the shipping come up as $7.50 will almost instantly make me lose my desire for that set or to deal with that company. I wonder if I am alone or if others find shipping to be what seals or undoes the deal for them sometimes.

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