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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gina K's comments on the SU Decision

Gina has posted this and I really like what she has to say:

"I beg to differ about what actually helped me grow my company. What I believe grew my company is the quality of my products, my personal design team and my customer service. (You can get anyone to shop once with gimmicks and referrals- but you have to earn the customer's business the second time around.)

And please don't get me wrong. It really doesn't matter to me what Stampin' Up chooses to do with their business except in the areas that affect my business. If someone is using my copywritten design, they should state where it came from. I don't expect to be linked. Other than that, if a company chooses to enforce a policy where there demonstrators, design team members or whoever works for their company become exclusive to them, that is there choice.

Do I think it's a good business plan? No. I've seen other companies try it and they have lost the best of the best because of it, they've had to cut back rather than grow and it's because they required their team to preach to the choir rather than allow new eyes on their products.

You see, if I tell my team that they can only design for me, then the only people who see my products are people who already love them and buy them.

But if I allow my DT to be on other design teams, then, when they are promoting another company, the lovers of that other company end up seeing my stuff just by scrolling down their blog a bit. New eyes. Those new eyes may not have ever seen GKD before but they like what they see and hopefully, I gain a new customer.

Of course, that will work in reverse too, but that's okay. You see, I don't believe that I have even one customer in the thousands that shop with us each month who only buy Gina K. Designs. So? Who cares? As long as I can give them something that they enjoy- that's where my job ends. They will do whatever they want from there.

New eyes on your business is important to grow. And, in the business world, you never stop growing or you start going backwards."

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