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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Isn't this a FABULOUS idea?

Sharan, on the GW board posted this idea this morning. I thought it might inspire others. Here is here post:

After encouraging a cancer patient to join my newly formed stamping group-I think there were seven of us. She totally fell in love with stamping and it gave her a passion to enjoy while she was dealing with a brain tumor. It kept her busy and happy right up until the end. Ever since then I have wanted to have a PLACE where people could come and enjoy paper arts, not a STORE, just a gathering workshop space. Well, nine months ago we learned a fellow that had a very eclectic building downtown, (which I always thought would be the perfect spot)--he shared with us that he was planning on moving out of state in july,09. So hubby and I jumped on it and agreed to buy the bldg. It happened last week, and things are falling together like it was meant to be............It has two workshop rooms, a huge huge backroom which I have dubed the warehouse, as that is where I will store supplies, etc. and a full basement, and of course a restroom, we women have to have that. If you dream it you can do it...............PaperKrafters Retreat (hubby came up with THAT name) is close to being a reality.

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