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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

PIF---Wanna Play?

Some bloggers are doing a PIF offer. It stands for Pay It Forward. Through some means, they choose a couple of their readers and mail card kits to them. I got my 2 card kits today from Bela at belascreatingplace.blogspot. com. Then I am to make a post offering a chance for 2 of my readers to receive card kits from me. In turn, they will post on their blog and keep it going. Soooo, the 8th and the 31st emails I get from readers with comments, will be my "winners" and each receive 2 complete card kits from me. Email me at rubyslippers@neofast.net with your comment about my blog, a card I have done, or a general comment or tip about stamping. My card kits will also each contain one brand new stamp to complete your cards with. Good luck!!

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